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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Your baby safely in the box

As soon as your child is born, he may already be in the box. The box is a safe place for your baby to play, sleep or sit quietly. Do not let him lie in it for too long, for a maximum of one hour. You can use it, for example, during cooking, or if you have to take something, the door has to be opened or something has to be done. At that time the box can be a useful but especially safe place for your baby.

Your child can be close to you in the box and he will learn to know the sounds of the living room. In this way he also learns to know the differences day and night faster.

Playing yourself

Babies must learn to entertain themselves. It is therefore not bad that you give him some toys in the box with which he can entertain himself. But here too, do everything in moderation. Do not let your child sit too much in the box, because that can hinder his development.
From three months you can put some soft toys in the box or hang a mobile above it. Put your child regularly on his stomach, but keep an eye on him.

Purchase safe box

There are different types of boxes to buy. There are bar boxes and net boxes. Collapsible or not. The advantage of a bar box is that your child can pull up when he starts to learn. He can also look around him through the bars.
A netbox has the advantage that it is light and therefore easy to move.
It is important that the box is height-adjustable and the bars are not too far apart. The space between the bars is between 4.5 and 6.5 cm.
The box must also have a sturdy construction and not wobble. Make sure that it has a good solid base plate and a smooth finish.
The opening between the bottom and the side wall may not be more than 0.5 cm. This way your baby will not get his fingers between.
Boxes with wheels must be easy to block. (At least 2 wheels require a brake).
The bottom of the box must not be easy to adjust. You need an extra tool for this.

Video: The Baby Box (April 2020).