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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Pepper cleaning difficult? Not with the Pepper Scoop!

Paprika is an incredibly popular ingredient, but cleaning a bell pepper is often a hassle. A Dutch pepper grower has devised something on this. With the Pepper Scoop you can namely quickly and easily remove your peppers.

Easy to use

The Pepper Scoop saves you a lot of carving. By inserting the sharp spoon next to the stalk into the bell pepper and making a circular movement, the seeds are separated from the flesh in one movement. So you hollow out the peppers in an instant.

Safe and handy tool

The Pepper Scoop is produced by a reputable manufacturer for kitchen helpers and is therefore 100% food safe. Due to its compact shape, the Pepper Scoop easily fits into any kitchen drawer.

With the Pepper Scoop you can have a cleaned bell pepper in no time.

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