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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Have solar panels installed

Solar panels have greatly improved in quality in recent years. They have become more sustainable and cheaper. Solar panels also require little maintenance, they last up to 25 years, they increase the value of your home and you have a tax benefit. If your roof is suitable for solar panels, you can generate a lot of green energy and save costs. Enough reasons to consider and have solar panels installed.

Generate energy for a better future

If we start generating sustainable energy ourselves, this means less environmental pollution. And less pollution of the environment is better for the future of our children. It would be nice if more and more green energy is generated locally. People who have solar panels installed are a good example of this. The aim of the government is to generate at least 16% of the energy green in 2020. Actually, this is still quite low compared to other countries. In Germany the number is around 25%.

Means to make our energy greener are generating energy with water, wind and the sun. Solar panels have become increasingly popular and fortunately also cheaper and more user-friendly. If all people in the Netherlands have solar panels installed (if they have the possibility), this would make a major contribution to a greener future.

Have solar panels installed for durability

Solar panels deliver clean energy. This means that by using solar panels you make less use of energy with CO2 emissions. Solar energy has 10 to 30 times less CO2 emissions than energy from coal and gas. With only one solar panel you can already save 100 kilograms of CO2 per year.

Besides that solar panels ensure that there is less CO2 emissions, the panels also last a very long time. This is advantageous since less is required. Because fair is fair: the production of solar panels also costs energy. This energy is compensated in about 2 to 3 years, thanks to the high yield of solar panels. Nowadays solar panels can last for 25 years.

Of course, solar panels will continue to make a considerable investment. If you can generate enough energy, you have earned back your investment within 6 to 10 years.

Efficiency of solar panels

The efficiency and power of solar panels is indicated in watt peak (Wp). This indicates what the solar panel can generate at maximum under favorable sun irradiation. Good solar panels have about 250 Wp each. This produces around 220 kWh per year per solar panel. With 1 kWh you can turn on the TV for about 4 evenings or eat 20 microwave meals.

To get the maximum yield from your solar panels, a number of factors are very important. First of all the quality of the solar panel itself. Be informed about this and try to purchase a solar panel with 250 Wp. Secondly, it is extremely important to have the solar panels installed properly. Pay attention to:

  1. The right direction

    It is best to have the solar panels installed on the south side of your roof. Here the solar panels get the most light and have the most efficiency. If your roof is only facing east or west, let us first calculate whether solar panels do make sense.

  2. Shadow

    Trees and tall buildings can cast a shadow over the solar panels so that they generate less. They will still work, because solar panels also work in daylight, but the return will be much lower.

  3. Slope degree

    Solar panels capture the most sunlight when they have a gradient of 30 ° or 45 °. Sometimes the roof has the ideal slope, but otherwise it can be achieved by a construction to which the solar panels are attached. If the slope of your roof is much larger, it is sometimes difficult to place the solar panels properly. In that case, also check whether you can get enough proceeds from your solar energy.

Request solar panels

Would you like to have solar panels installed or install solar panels yourself? Then it is wise to request multiple offers so that you do not pay too much. When you request offers you can let providers calculate a price. You can then see which provider has the best offer.

Do you want to know what is possible for solar panels on your roof?

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