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Why men do not always like sex

Does your guy not feel like sex? The first thing most women think is: is it me? Does he no longer find me attractive? This is often not the case at all. Men do not always seem to feel like it. Not even after some encouragement.
I did not have this knowledge before I started to make children. I had a certain image for me about men and sex. A very stereotypical image. Men always want sex and women often have a headache. This is very black and white, but you probably understand what I mean.
I always assumed that men actually always feel like it, or maybe more often than I do. But that is not the case at all. Even men can sometimes not feel like having sex. And just now that you have a desire for a child, that can be quite difficult. That's why in this blog about: "Why men do not always want sex!

A true discovery

Have you ever heard a man joking: "I do not mind that we are going for a baby now. Then at least we have sex often '. Well I do. And I also heard several men say that they 'almost regretted' that their wife immediately became pregnant because they 'would have wanted to try it more often'. This statement then always followed with 'hahaha' which is almost embarrassing.

With us that was the first time also a bit like this, but this fun for my husband very quickly when he also had to show up while he had stress at work. Or while he was tired. Because now he had to perform at moments that were not driven by lust, but by my menstrual cycle. And then he did not always feel like the moments when he had to. And sometimes at times when according to my menstrual cycle it was not really necessary.

When I suggested this to my sisters and girlfriends, I discovered that more men are "troubled" by this. So those talks that men have about this period of pregnancy, is much less rosy for them than they say very tough.

Why men do not always feel like sex? This, as with women, almost always has to do with their spiritual condition! Are you comfortable in your skin or do you have a lot of stress.

Taboo for men

It seems to be a kind of taboo for men to admit that they do not always want sex. And I still am surprised myself that men never talk about sex. In any case not content. The worst thing is that my husband always gets angry when I talk about our sex life to other people (I will not let him read this blog either).

And because (some) men are so frenetic about it, women do not talk about it that often. Until we ladies sit together with a bottle of wine behind the molars. Then the 'bedroom secrets' come up and you discover that there are more men who are not always jumping to dive between the sheets. Something to be ashamed of? Not at all! Because there are so many men who do not always feel like it. It just does not stand out because women tend to feel less often. Until they want children ...

Reasons why men do not feel like sex

I once went to research and it seems to be quite 'normal' that men do not always dive into bed with 'hoisted sails'. There are several reasons why a man does not feel like having sex and having a desire to have children is one of them. It seems that with many men the performance lags behind when sex is not just about pleasure, but has a concrete goal: a baby. What my husband said: 'now it's a must, I think it's a bit less fun' so more men have. Fine ... Other reasons:

  • Sleep deprivation
  • Performance pressure (which probably also depends on the desire to have children)
  • Certain medications such as sedatives or beta-blockers
  • Shortage of testosterone. This occurs in about 1 in 10 men over 40 years of age
  • Quarrel
  • Your pregnant belly and the fear of hurting your baby

I know, it does not come out so badly if your guy does not want you while you are in your most fertile period. Mega irritating. But forcing him does not help at all. Never put too much pressure on your guy, because that is totally counterproductive for men. Try to keep it exciting and fun. Buy a nice lingerie set, try to seduce him or ask what you can do to make it all more sexy.

Do you still dare to give tips to seduce your man?