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She started losing weight when her legs failed. The history of weight loss and photos before and after

Evening, the son is sleeping. What else to do a woman, if not visiting sites on the Internet. The cat purrs gently on my pillow, hot coffee is ready. As always, I will "get stuck" in the wilds of the world wide web for three hours. Social networks, recipes, Christmas crafts ... Suddenly I saw your contest "I could!" It seems to have something to write, there is something to say, and thoughts suddenly ran.

So, let's begin. My path to losing weight was very long. Or rather, to this I went all my 37 years (since birth). My mom's childhood was in the hungry post-war time. She thought that a beautiful child was a complete child. The girl must have cheeks, not cheeks - please do not confuse. Naturally, by the age of 18, I had neither a waist nor a beautiful figure. But, as my mother used to say: "You have beautiful eyes." That and lived - and ate, ate. Everything in life came together: she graduated from college, good work, children love me very much - my eyes are beautiful.

Somehow quietly turned thirty years old. One day the pressure began to go off scale. Doctors helped. Soon I had a long-awaited son. Problems are not forced to wait long. This time, preterm labor, pressure, and a lot of problems. So with my son in the hospital, we spent two months.

I'm thirty-seven. The eyes are more beautiful, and the weight is almost 100 kg. Do you think it stopped me from eating a lot of food? Not here it was! But once the legs failed. I just could not get up for work in the morning. And so that something, and the weight has nothing to do with it. That was my deep conviction.

I visited a doctor. Well, how did you visit? I practically crawled into his office. She could not straighten herself, a sharp pain pierced the whole body. It seemed that the electric current was connected to each of my cell. Magnetic resonance imaging showed the presence of three hernias in the spine. To facilitate his work, the doctor advised - although not, he demanded - to lose weight. Otherwise disability.

I came home, I thought, I decided: I need to start. I used to try it too, there was some small success. But food always prevailed over me. Am I really - a competent woman, with a higher education, with the highest category - I can not win over a plate with food? Only then I came to the conclusion that food is the same kind of addiction as alcoholism, drugs and smoking.

But everything turned out to be easier than I thought. Of course, sport is good, although by nature I am lazy. The best option for me is to close my mouth in time. For myself, I came up with a simple system. I eat everything delicious in the morning, for dinner I remove sweet and flour from the diet, dinner is light and after six in the evening I do not eat. I do not starve, eat everything - only at a certain time. It turns out that it is not necessary to torture yourself with apples and kefir.

My life has changed. You have no idea with what euphoria I go out. Many will not recognize me. Clothes began to hang on me. The first time in the store could not find a wardrobe. It seemed that in the mirror all the same aunt of the 54th size. When I was under customs control, I was studied for a very long time: changes are so noticeable.

I forgot to say about weight. To date, I have lost 27 kg. I have a waist, these hated cheeks are gone. But the eyes have become even more beautiful. Now I do not look like a pig, which must be slaughtered for the holiday. The most pleasant compliment received from her son. He said that "my mother looked like a princess, but before she was soft!". You will do everything for the sake of the most important person on earth. It turns out that I could!

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