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Heartburn during pregnancy

Do you have a burning sensation in your throat, or are you nauseated and do you feel bloated? Then you probably suffer from heartburn during pregnancy.
Unfortunately, heartburn is quite common. No less than 70% of pregnant women will experience this. Read in this blog where heartburn comes from, how it feels and most importantly: what you can do about it!

What is stomach acid?

What is stomach acid really? To put it very briefly: stomach acid is the acid that is in our stomach. The acid is needed to digest food. Your stomach itself is fine against stomach acid because it has a protective layer on the inside. This does not apply to your esophagus or throat. When the stomach acid rises and ends up in your esophagus, you feel this burning.

Why heartburn during pregnancy?

Being pregnant is not always about roses. There are quite a few pregnancy ailments and heartburn is one of them. Why you suffer from heartburn during pregnancy? Maybe you can guess ...

Exactly, the pregnancy hormones. In any case, in the first trimester, especially the pregnancy hormone progesterone ensures that the muscle between stomach and esophagus is weakened. This allows the acid that is in the stomach to stand up more easily in the esophagus. You can already suffer from stomach acid if you are pregnant in the first weeks.

Pregnancy hormones decrease slightly from the second trimester. You may then experience less problems until the third trimester arrives. Now the stomach acid is caused by the growing uterus and baby. Your baby will take up a lot of space and your stomach will have to give way to your darling. There is pressure on the stomach so that the stomach acid is pushed upwards and thus enters your esophagus or throat.

Heartburn pregnant symptoms

Heartburn has a number of symptoms. But usually you do not have to think about it for a long time whether or not you are bothered by it. That is often immediately clear.

  • Most clear signal: a burning sensation in your throat or chest
  • Heartburn
  • Bloating or flatulence
  • Be sick
  • Sour taste in the back of your throat

Heartburn pregnant tips

Some pregnant women suffer a bit from stomach acid. Other women are so bothered by it that it hinders them in daily functioning. Really annoying.
Fortunately, there are quite a few tricks that you can try to prevent or reduce heartburn during pregnancy as much as possible.

  • Eat healthy! That means: high fiber (cereals, vegetables, fruit, legumes), virtually no saturated fat, no alcohol and little coffee.
  • Products that can cause stomach acid: citrus fruits, cabbage varieties, too much dairy (more than 3 servings of 150 ml per day) and very spicy food or sharp herbs, carbonated drinks, coffee and chewing gum.
  • Eat multiple small meals over the day (for example, 5 or 6), instead of 3 large meals. That way your stomach is less full.
  • Eat quietly with small snacks and chew well.
  • Wearing too tight pants is certainly not conducive. Give your stomach space! Maybe it's time for maternity wear?
  • Do not lie down immediately after dinner because it will be easier to come up. Do not eat just before you go to sleep, but leave a few hours here.
  • It can help to raise your pillow a little while sleeping so that you are less flat.
  • Keep moving and exercising during pregnancy. That is good for your digestion and bowel movements.
  • Avoid eating fat as much as possible. So no pie, fries, chips, chocolate etc.
  • This is difficult but stress can also cause heartburn during pregnancy. So do it quietly!
  • Do you still smoke? Maybe it's time to stop, because smoking can cause heartburn.

Prevent stomach acid pregnancy

Do not try to grab the medicines immediately if you suffer from heartburn during pregnancy. It is always better to solve it first with natural remedies or according to grandmother's wisdom. Here they are:

  • Eat skinny, white fish. This contains little fat and a lot of protein. In addition, it is easily digestible and therefore ideal if you suffer from stomach acid.
  • Drink lukewarm milk or eat vanilla custard. These would have an inhibitory effect.
  • Drink chamomile tea or apple vinegar that dissolves in lukewarm water
  • Chewing on oat flakes or porridge can also help. The same applies to dry bread
  • Eat bananas, which can also be acid-inhibiting.
  • Drink ginger tea

Heartburn pregnant medicines

Do the aforementioned remedies not help your heartburn during pregnancy? Then talk to your doctor about which medicines or antacids you can take. There are indeed powders or pills available at the pharmacy against heartburn such as Rennies, Gaviscon and Gravicol.
Keep yourself strictly to the dosage and again: consult your doctor first!