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Rogaina with the baby, or How we caught the summer by the tail

Autumn has come, a new school year has begun, which means it’s time to rest has come to an end. We visited quite a lot of places in the summer, taking into account the baby in her arms. Well, we will learn and do household chores. On the last weekend of September, an Orienteering Championship is held in Kazakhstan. Our older children, Sasha (12 years old) and Pasha (11 years old) have been involved in them for more than one year and, of course, they go to all possible competitions.

This time everyone got to the start on their own. We wondered for a long time: is it worth it to go at all? We skip the school day, everyone has a cold, my teeth are cut by the 10-month-old Vari, my husband needs to work, it’s not summer, the first frosts, and you can spend the night only in a summer “cardboard” house. And why early to get up on Saturday morning and go somewhere!

I thought for a long time and weighed the pros and cons. In the end, managed to agree on a tiny house without a stove. Well, athletes are not afraid of difficulties. Re going!

On the eve of Friday everything in the kitchen is boiling. Cooking food on the hike: simmering a huge pot of potatoes with meat, fry meatballs. We collect other products. After all, no one wants the weekend to stand at the stove.

5-30 am Surprisingly, everyone got up very quickly. We have 30 minutes to pack - and go. We have to drive 95 km along a mountain road, go up to 2000 m above sea level and find ourselves in an amazing natural reserve - Taintakh. Well, a lot of things collected. Both sleeping bags and warm blankets were taken - well, we were almost gathered at the North Pole.

Poor our Matiz, how did everything fit into him? For me, it is still a mystery capacity of our baby. Two adults, three children, including a car seat, a dog (okay, a 3.5 kg dog, but it still takes place), a saucepan of cutlets, another pan of food, some more packages of food and endless backpacks and bags of clothes, blankets, sleeping bags ...

Hooray! All climbed! You can go. Despite the forecasts of weather forecasters, since the morning the sun is shining and not a single cloud. We quickly reached the place. After all, the path lay on asphalt, not counting the last 5 km along a country road. But there was no rain, the road was in good condition, there were no cars all the way. Of course, are there many fools who go somewhere so early?

In the summer, turning to the lake along a country road, we got to a very lively site. Today, no one, no dust, silence ... Already started to come the thought that we were wrong and drove the wrong way. We got to the recreation center "Malachite", as planned, at 8-00. It turned out that the majority of athletes arrived the day before - that is why we did not meet anyone along the way. While we are laying out things, the children have already run to register and get ready for the start.

Rogaine is held this year. This is an extra long distance. Children up to 15 years old run 4 hours, and the older ones - 8. You need to collect water, chocolate, some things in a backpack, because in the fall forest, especially nothing and not eat.

Competitions are held in pairs. Sasha and Pasha quickly got their bearings and found their partners. Pasha got a boy of 16 years old, so they were put in a group of up to 16, which means that their format of competitions is 8 hours. Already prepared to start. Gave 30 minutes to study the map. 35 square kilometers in the mountains and forest. Topographic maps are a rather specific thing and, in my opinion, difficult. Well, children are not the first time in the forest, it is not easy for them to get lost.

Start! Run! The youth, of course, ran - I wonder how long will their pace be enough for climbing the nearest hill? Older athletes have chosen a different tactic. It is a lot of time, we will have time and on foot to collect the necessary quantity of points, having bypassed the maximum number of control points.

I, too, terribly want to go to the forest, but we have another rogain - rogain with a baby, and the little one wanted to sleep. We return to the house. There, my father already heated the room with a heater, dismantled the bags. We finally calmly have breakfast and go to sleep.

To our surprise, after 2 hours, Pasha returned with the words that the distance was very difficult, in general, they did not find anything. Well then. Hiking in the woods is also a pleasant thing, and the main thing is not victory, but participation! We are waiting for Sasha, her test time ends at 14-00.

Girls appear as much as 40 minutes earlier. The coach curses, but the girls say they are very tired. Everyone is here. We have lunch. Talk the map. The son claims that KP are very difficult and confusing. On the contrary, my husband and I say: what nonsense, for example, 500 meters from the house is the nearest point ...

Argued. The three of the children are left to rest in the house, and we go to a dispute to look for this very KP No. 33. So what, that the daughter claims that it is a complex relief. What nonsense. All you need is to climb the hill! Yeah, naive. After 20 minutes of climbing on the rocks, we still go to the road indicated on the map, and we find the 33rd gearbox. Hooray! So what if he has a value of 3 points, not 8, for example. So what if we empirically realized that they denote all sorts of dashes and dots on the map. We photograph, so that there is evidence - we do not have chips for electronic mark.

Prior to the 34th CP, pass only 250 meters. He is probably there, on the next hill. Of course, we were not going there, but ... After an hour of searching, we find him. How much joy and emotion! We photograph the numbers on the manual, take pictures ourselves against its background. Kindergarten!

Once we were so cool orienteers, we can easily find both the 49th and 47th KP. Aha Not knowing the notation, not having a compass, having only a lake as a guide, which was visible from the mountains, we still went to look for them. Having made a big detour, losing each other on a hill, and then finding one - after calling the hill (well, at least there was a connection, we would be lost in the valley - for a long time we would look for each other). As a result, we found them! Found a way to the base! We photographed them. For more than three hours, we found as many as 4 KP. So what if the 12-year-old daughter found 13 of them in the same time!

Having walked through the pine forest, we came to the surprising conclusion that the air and the pines really heal. By the way, for the whole weekend I forgot about my nose drops and throat pills. We returned home proud, and Sasha happily informs us that she has the 1st place. We rejoice together.

Walking around the base. Cooking rejoices at the cows outside the gate, which cannot be said about our dog - she does not like cows. The day is coming to an end. Already all the athletes returned to the finish, and the judges prepared a surprise for them. Locals brought a sheep and cooked besbarmak. Just think, this lamb walked along Zhailau at lunchtime, and now it is already on the table.

Everyone is invited to the table. But it is already getting dark, it is getting very cold. We decide not to go out with Varya, the children bring a couple of portions of besbarmak straight into the house. What is this delicious! Cooking snatches the spoon out of her hands. You would think she was not fed at all all day. We sweep both plates in a couple of minutes. I complain that there is very little, and a little later I realize that I did not just eat, but overeat. After all, this food is very nutritious.

It's already 10 in the evening. My all are asleep, I go out into the street to look at least one glimpse at the promised disco. It is dark outside, bright stars in a clear sky and silence. This is at the base where more than a dozen young guys and girls live. Of course, during the day everyone was so exhausted that only when they reached the bed, they instantly fell asleep. Well, tomorrow is the second day of the competition, and you really need to sleep.

Many people managed to get enough sleep, but not me. I didn’t have my own pillow beside me, and Varya slept with us, her arms spread out like a star. Morning. The sun is shining again, which means it will be hot for dinner. We are having breakfast. The children let my husband and I go for a morning walk, and we go around the lake. According to our calculations, it is approximately 2.5 km in length. The water is clear, calm, deserted coast, on the bases there is no one, there are closed houses, immersed in the golden birch leaves.

As planned, we walked around the lake in an hour and returned to the base. Children are already in full readiness. We go all together to the starting place. These are exactly the hills that we wandered yesterday. Today, ultrashort distance is a super sprint. As the organizers promise, it is in the future that the super sprint will probably be included in the Olympic program.

Start passes very quickly. Our start among the last. I let Varya go to the ground, she also tries to move towards the beginning of the distance, but she manages to do it badly: sneakers, overalls and relief make themselves felt. We walk further and move to the finish line, waiting for our athletes.

This time control time is 1 hour. Pasha, apparently decided to take revenge and resorts in the last minutes. Well, it is necessary to have lunch and gather, because there is still a way home. At the award, our children receive three certificates for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. We decide that these are very good results, taking into account the fact that there were only 5 young people of similar age, including ours.

We collect things. Somehow they got into our trunk again. Need to leave. As luck would have it, the sun warmed up for dinner, and I want to take a swim at last, but remembering the medicine bag, I have to get this crazy idea out of my head.

We are going back. It is getting a little sad that now our season of summer adventures is certainly over. Children talk about the upcoming ski training, and it means that the winter is really soon. But we still managed to snatch a couple of summer days from her, even against the backdrop of golden autumn.

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