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Children's summer camps: prices for trips and review of summer 2014 programs

This year, trips to children's summer camps are bought up more slowly than in the past. The reasons are the increased prices, as well as the situation in the Crimea and Ukraine. For those who have not yet decided on a camp for a child, do not know which companies to trust, or are thinking about a city day camp, we offer an overview of the possibilities for children’s leisure this summer. It was prepared by Alexey Ilyukhin, the creator of the Charlee Camp, which has been studying the children's organized leisure market for ten years.

Children's summer camps: offers and prices

In the summer of 2014 in Russia, the average price of holidays in camps under the jurisdiction of the education and social welfare agencies is 16.5 thousand rubles per shift for 21 days, in the commercial segment the average price is about 38 thousand rubles for 14 days.

At the same time, the price of trips to children's health camps in the Moscow region is significantly different from the prices in other regions, and parents should focus on the price of 29-30 thousand rubles for three weeks of stay. Approximately at the same price you can send a child not only to traditional children's recreation camps, but also to richer leisure programs, for example, Petrushka camps or NEO CAMP.

A child’s stay on the program of active and developmental recreation this summer will cost from 29 thousand rubles in two weeks (on the programs of the “Hunters for Fortune” company) and up to 45-50 thousand rubles. In this case, the actual length of the shift can be as 14, and 13, and even 12 days. Also, when concluding an agreement, you should pay attention to paid additional services. For example, some companies consider transfer to and from the camp as an additional service, and it is charged extra.

The total number of places offered by the organizers of children's camps and programs this summer has grown slightly. Although there are exceptions. Thus, the tent camp that started last year in the Nikolo-Lenivets park in the Kaluga region increases the number of shifts to five (up to 100 people per shift), whereas last year there were about 30 children in two shifts.

The “Smart Camp”, which started last year, not only increased the number of shifts (including by accepting children of 7–10 years old this year), but also diversified their content. Unlike the majority of specialized scientific summer schools and trips, the “Smart Camp” program is organized in compliance with all the necessary standards for summer children's activities. However, according to the organizers, it’s not easy to change, there is a competitive selection in the camp based on the results of the Olympiads. But perhaps this is for the better? A keen child will not suddenly be surrounded by those who are “exiled” as if for knowledge of the parents ...

The loudly announced opening of the children's creative camp “VILLAGE” with a capacity of 1260 people per shift will not take place this summer, the organizers expect that they will be able to take the first vacation ride for the winter holidays.

Also, it seems, not one of the six camps belonging to Moscow will be opened, for the repair of which in 2011 the city allocated 3.5 billion rubles of budget money. Given that two years ago, city leaders declared their readiness to accept children in the summer of 2012. Information about vouchers to these camps on the portal of public services in Moscow could not be found.

According to colleagues, the sale of vouchers for children's programs this year is worse. This is especially true of foreign camps: the growth of the dollar and the euro significantly influenced the price of rest in rubles. Regarding the Moscow Region programs, the organizers still have hope: after all, parental leave is only one month for three months of school holidays. And not everyone has a house in the village with caring grandparents and a peer company.

Summer in the city: children's city camps

This summer, the number of commercial urban day camps has increased. Such camps are opened on the basis of children's leisure and development centers and city parks, creative workshops and clubs. In contrast to the urban camps on the basis of secondary schools and institutions of additional education, the program in them is distinguished by a bright and attractive content, as a rule, built in the "profile" weeks.

There are camps for the creative (camp at the design factory Flacon), sports (camp of the Soyuz-Sport club), language (camp of the P'titCREF club). The choice in 2014 is great: there are more specialized camps and “universal” programs.

Prices in such camps start at 1,200 rubles per day from morning to evening (including meals), averaging 1700-1800 rubles, but in some places they reach up to 5,000 rubles per day.

This format of camps is well suited for those parents who are not yet ready to send a child for 10-20 days to country camps (the reasons may be different), and for those who need a child between their visits to the grandmother and the camp. I did not sit for hours alone with a computer and TV.

Another sign of this summer - in many programs that have been working for the first year, they began to include foreign language classes. The motives of the organizers are clear - the demand for language learning is growing. But the question arises as to the integrity of the program itself, if it is possible to add an additional 2-3 hours a day in a foreign language class. Does this mean that she was not as intense as the organizers had said in previous years, or would she lose something valuable to her earlier in the introduction of foreign language classes?

Sea, sun, south ...

If earlier the Black Sea and Azov coasts of Ukraine were one of the main areas of children's recreation, now there are no offers for rest in the Ukrainian camps.

The overwhelming majority of companies that previously conducted their programs in the Crimea transferred them to less problematic regions - to the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus and to Bulgaria. So, for example, the program “Catch the Wave” of the company “Collection of Adventures” “moved” to Bulgaria. The same camps that are “tied” to Crimea not only historically, but also because of the infrastructure, are now solving issues with the road from Moscow to the camp and back. There are two options today: air travel or a long train-ferry-bus ride.

The state is taking certain steps to ensure that the children's summer season in the Crimea proceeds safely, and there are enough guys in the camps. The government allocated more than 700 million rubles to organize the recreation of Crimean children. The first shift of “Artek” is designed specifically for them, and in the remaining summer shifts the camp will be accepted by children from other regions of Russia. But, we believe, the recovery of demand for children's recreation in the Crimea is not on budgetary funds, but for parents' money it will require two to three years.

New, unusual, interesting

In conclusion, I would like to share information about several new programs that appeared this year, which seemed to me particularly interesting.

"MultiStudiya", well-known for its short programs for younger schoolchildren on inventing and creating cartoons, holds a "MultiLager" for children of 7-10 years old in the Moscow region in June. The company Computer C @ mp offers children of 9-15 years old to go to the camp of Skills Kids - get acquainted with pottery and blacksmithing, printing, landscape design and many other craft directions.

Fans of sea romance from 12 years old Camp Industry calls on the naval expedition to Northern Europe on the frigate "Standart". The guys will become full-fledged members of the crew of a training sailboat, get into the situation of a real sailing trip, will watch, navigate, set sail. And the camp of active rest CHARLIE invites children from 12 years old to Kamchatka. The guys will travel around the peninsula and on buses, and on foot, and even on off-road vehicles. Two weeks in August promise unprecedented views and a sea of ​​new impressions.

We will be glad if you tell us about the problems you faced while choosing a camp or program, and also share your impressions of the camps that your children go this summer.