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About country abundance

In a distant, remote country, where snow never happens and icicles never hang from the roofs, merry men lived long ago. They sang songs all year round, danced, played, joked. No one ever disturbed their peace and happiness. Among them there were no conspiracies and dirty tricks. Looking at any of those little men, it was impossible not to admire their beauty and charm.

They were so carefree that they never built houses for themselves, did not sew clothes and did not stock up on food. Therefore, instead of houses, they had caves in the mountains, instead of beds - grass and leaves, and when they went to bed, they did not need to cover themselves, since it was always warm in that country. Day and night. Both in the evening and in the morning. And they ate these men from a tree that grew in the middle of their country. From him they tore themselves delicious fruits and vegetables that grew throughout the year on this wonderful tree. And they called it Abundance. That is why the country was called the Country of Abundance, and the people of that country were called the Abomination.

All the people there lived very amicably, they never fought, much less fought. None of them shouted at each other, and when they were talking among themselves, they affectionately called each other girlfriends and boyfriends. And they always smiled at the meeting, even if they were not familiar. Tears appeared in their eyes only from strong laughter, and only very small children cried there when they were bathed with soap, from which they pinched their eyes. This soap grew on another tree, on which scourers and towels, shampoos and lotions, scissors and combs grew. And everyone called this tree Bannoe.

There were also other trees in that country. A variety of flowers grew on the Pink Tree. Earrings, trinkets, rings, chains, bracelets and many, many other jewelery were adorned on the Diamond Tree. Firecrackers, Bengal lights and various fireworks grew on the Salutes tree. Magazines, newspaper cards and books grew on the Paper Tree, and there was a hollow in it. If someone from the Abusers went into it for five minutes, then the next day a picture of that exile grew on the branch next to the hollow. In the early days, the photograph was still very tiny, it was hardly possible to examine anything at all, and day after day the photograph grew, and when it reached the size the abuser needed, then it was neatly cut with scissors and taken away. Usually the photos were given to girlfriends and boyfriends. But most of the time they took pictures of the children as a memory of how they grew up. All sorts of rags, handkerchiefs, pants, skirts, shirts, purses, shirts, caps, hats, shoes grew on the Silk Tree. And the most interesting little things grew on the Toy Tree! I think you can not explain what grew on it, because you yourself guessed it.

On the outskirts of that country, the sea was splashing, in which there was always lukewarm water, and only goldfish swam. It was the Turquoise Sea. And the beach by the sea stretched for millions of kilometers. And he was covered with golden sand, fine and soft as grass. On the bank not far from each other, springs were beating with the key, the water in which was so clear that at times it might seem as if it was not there.

The beach has always been fun. Many isobiltsy rode on water bicycles in pairs and alone, all ate sweet ice cream growing right by the sea in the rocks on the Creamy Tree. Some of the men gathered in teams and played games: football, volleyball, basketball, tennis, and even skittles. There were also board game lovers, of which the most popular was the game of backgammon. It was a special game; there were not four players, as usual, but four. They sat on the four sides of the board and each played their own color chips - green, red, blue or yellow. Their favorite color was green, so the one who won won the next time to play with green chips.

As it began to get dark, billions of tiny lights lit up on the sea so that it seemed as if the sea itself was glowing from the inside with magical fire! The lights were the most unimaginable shades - from light blue to dark purple. Red, pink, green, green, orange, yellow, tangerine, ultramarine, turquoise, blue, burgundy. Even purple. This shone with numerous algae, which accumulated daytime sunlight, and with the advent of darkness scattered around it. These algae are all human beings called Garlands. The isobiliy people carefully collected them into the sea and then brought them to the caves so that the light in the caves would shine at night. Light from the garlands was enough to shine for a whole year. When they began to fade, they were taken back to the sea and brought new ones with fresh sunshine.

In the evenings in the caves sang songs and danced wonderful dances. Girlfriends decorated themselves with garlands and became like fairy fairy. And my friends performed such somersaults that captured the spirit of everyone who saw such acrobatic tricks for the first time! Sometimes the songs did not go silent until dawn, but at sunrise the couples went out to the sea and greeted the sunrise.

And every first day of the month at the little men was especially festive, special fun was happening on such a day in Abundance. Everyone was happy as if it was the first day of their life. Everybody hugged and welcomed everyone they met, it happened that the same man was greeted several times a day. Birds sang continuously in the sky, and as darkness fell, fireworks shone! The children, happily squealing, ran after each other, the adults led round dances, everyone rejoiced, and even the sky on such a day was unusually clear, with a new unique color, infinitely deep and delicate. And what dizzying smells of fragrance in every corner of Abundance, indescribable and exciting heart! Some spoke only poetry that day. The sun was warm softly and reverently.

On Fridays, the isobilians filled all pools with chocolate, and anyone could swim in it. It was not only pleasant, but also useful. After such bathing, the skin of the little men was velvety and slightly brown all week.

And on Tuesdays there was a flower day. Girlfriends wove wreaths of hundreds of fragrant flowers, which on Tuesdays gathered the most fragrant color and aroma. Then they put them on their heads, shoulders, necks and hands and went to distribute flowers and wreaths to all friends on the island. Eyes rejoiced from the beauty of abundance. Nothing could destroy the idyll that reigned there.

Everyone was happy…

About the country of decline

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