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Editor'S Choice - 2020

How to do math fun? 13 tasks with mom and dad

If you offer your children to do maths on the textbook during the holidays, the New Year holidays will definitely be spoiled (unless, of course, your children are not young mathematical geniuses and winners of olympiads). But solving entertaining problems from the book "Mathematics for Moms and Dads" - of course, together with mom or dad - is another matter: such studies in mathematics will only benefit both relationships with parents and success in school. Here are 13 tasks for elementary school students - and some may even do it for preschoolers.

A. Karen knows that 74 × 3 = 222. How does she use this knowledge when solving an example of 174 × 3?

B. Adam colored the square lined up as follows:

Then he turned the square. Shade the missing parts of the picture.

B. Peter needs to determine how much two oranges and one apple cost. Mark all the information that Peter will need for this.

  • One orange costs 10 pence more than one apple
  • One apple costs 18 pence
  • Peter has 1 pound sterling

D. Some sequence of numbers begins like this: 40, 80, 120, 160 ... and continues further, and each time the number increases by 40. Is the number 2140 in this sequence? Explain the answer.

D. For each participant in the school picnic, there are 3 sandwiches, 2 apples and 1 bag of chips. Total prepared 45 sandwiches. How many prepared bags of chips?

E. The top is mounted on two rectangular planks as follows:

Sam claims that if you spin the top on each of the boards, then on the second board he is more likely to point to area A than to the first. Is Sam right? Explain the answer.

G. How many milliliters of water should be added to this measuring cup to fill it up to 400 ml?

Z. Alex conceived a number. He added half the number to a quarter of the number. It turned out 60. What is the number of plans for Alex?

I. The third of this square is shaded.

The same square is used in the figures below.

a) What part of this picture is shaded?

b) What part of this picture is shaded?

K. Here is a numerical line. Evaluate where on this line is the number 125, and mark it with a cross.

L. The triangle depicted in the figure with the coordinates of the vertices (1,3), (5, 3), (5, 9) is reflected relative to the dotted line. One of the vertices of the reflected triangle is at the point with coordinates (11, 3). What are the coordinates of the two other vertices?

M. The figure in the figure is an irregular quadrilateral. Draw a rectangle of the same area on the same grid.

N. The table shows the schedule of all trains that depart from Appleton and Bigtown during the day.

How many trains leave Appleton before 3 pm? How long does the first train from Bigtown reach Northbridge?

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