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Editor'S Choice - 2019

First birthday: holiday script, competitions for kids and adults

Mariana's first birthday was a success.

I started with invitations - each one of my names, I made it myself in Photoshop, printed it out and sent it by mail. She made a photo-collage about the first year of life Maryashki and the train, each trailer - 1 month of her life. Mounted the film since my pregnancy and to her 1 year old. Oh, how much strength and nerves I killed for this video, but it was worth it - it turned out very touching and interesting. Glued the poster "Who Marisha looks like." Also in the preparatory stage, you can enter the inventing of entertainment menu, ordering cakes, balls, caps ...

The first day was a holiday for relatives and friends of the family. Since basically everyone was sitting at the table and eating, it was necessary to dilute the atmosphere. So I prepared a quiz "Who knows the best birthday girl". The questions were:

  1. Name of the birthday girl?
  2. What are the names of Marianna's parents?
  3. What year was Mariana born?
  4. In what month?
  5. What date?
  6. What day of the week?
  7. What time was she born?
  8. What is Maryanka zodiac sign?
  9. With what weight was Maryasha born?
  10. How tall?
  11. What was the weather like on her birthday?
  12. In which maternity hospital Marisha was born?
  13. What color is her eyes?
  14. At what age did the first tooth come out?
  15. When did Marisha crawl?
  16. When did Marisha take her first independent steps?
  17. What does Marisha already say?
  18. How many teeth does Marisha have now?
  19. What does she like to eat?
  20. Favourite hobby?
  21. What company wears diapers now?
  22. What size is the diaper wears?
  23. What is the height now?
  24. What is weight now?

For the correct answer - sweetie. And the one who got more candies at the end of the quiz is the main prize from the birthday girl: the author's picture she painted with her palms.

There was also a fortune-telling "What a life is waiting for a birthday girl." She had to pick some item. On the tray, I carried out various items:

  • a ball of wool (symbolizes a long life),
  • book (knowledge, mind),
  • brush (ability to art),
  • coin (prosperity),
  • garlic-onion (health),
  • keys (welfare),
  • sweetie (sweet life),
  • little ring (successful marriage)

My bunny, of course, chose her favorite little book ... But since I had previously imperceptibly tied up all the items, then after the little book, all the other items hung on a thread. So life will be happy!

The next stage of the entertainment program was to determine who our daughter looked like. All the guests put sticks in front of the inscriptions about the parts of the face. I was a bit perplexed about the results, as she’s just a copy of the dad, the nose and the ears only mine ... And by the results it turned out: dad is 49 points, mom is 46.

The birthday cake was big, beautiful and very tasty! But he was for guests, since Marjanochka a year is still impossible ... I made her an individual small cake made from baby cookies with curds.

Only here with a candle in a large cake did not work out ... Girls, do not take cheap plastic candles. We have such a torch turned out! Almost a fire did not make ...

The final stage was a film about the first year of Marisha. But since it goes an hour and a half, there was an intermission. During the intermission, our dad ran out into the street and launched two beautiful fireworks to us! We watched all this beauty in the kitchen through the window, and the guests jumped out onto the balcony. The guests watched the movie and left. So ended our first day of celebrating the first birthday.

A day later we had a children's holiday. There was a girl animator in the form of a kitty - she played with the children very cheerfully. There was also a film about our year, but this time I didn’t put it in the end, but included it throughout the holiday. And the cake was also there, but with a different filling - a sponge cake with a curd layer, it could be for children and nursing moms.

The children ran, played with the animator, ate delicacies from the table ... Also, we had three very tiny kids (4-5 months), I took my soul away, holding them all and remembering Marianochka at this age. By the way, she wasn’t too naughty for the whole holiday, she was so interested!

In the end, I held a lottery called "So that the guests did not leave empty-handed." They pre-pasted checks on children's plastic vegetables, the guests pulled them out and received souvenirs - children's toys in accordance with the number.

So Maryashkin flew over the holiday, and with it the whole year of her life ... So quickly ... So imperceptibly ... It seems, and sad that time flies so fast. But at the same time, looking at my matured happy daughter, I understand that this should be so. Every day she learns something new, she discovers something for herself. Everything is so interesting to her, everything is new, everything is for the first time. And you can not slow down this time, no matter how desirable. The first year has passed, but the second, the third ... a whole life is ahead!

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