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What to give mom on Mother's Day? Surprise box

Mother's Day (in November 2015, it falls on November 29) is increasingly celebrated in kindergartens and schools: they make presents for their moms with their own hands, prepare concerts. And what to give mom for Mother's Day in the family - so that in the manufacture of crafts both children and adults participate? We offer a gift with a surprise: flowers, packed in a gift box. Thanks to our master class, the flowers will look like a real bouquet, they will not freeze in the case of transportation and will remain fresh for a long time!

We will need:

  • decorative box
  • ribbon, lace or lace for decoration
  • mica (transparent film)
  • scissors
  • floral knife and pruner
  • floral sponge oasis
  • glue gun
  • We chose the following flowers:
  • roses - ordinary and spray
  • Lisianthus
  • carnations
  • viburnum berries
  • eucalyptus leaves
  1. First prepare the box. To keep flowers fresh and beautiful for a long time, we use an oasis - a special floral sponge that keeps moisture inside. Before dabbing the oasis, you should put a waterproof film on the bottom of the box.

  1. Measure out the required piece of oasis and cut the bar in half lengthwise: the oasis should be placed in the box about half. Now soak the oasis: put it on the surface of the water, wait until it sinks into the water. Place the oasis in the box and cut off the excess film around the edges.

  1. Now we proceed to the most floral design. Always start filling the composition with large colors. Arrange the flowers in the box in a chaotic and asymmetrical way, it is not necessary to start from the middle or place the same flowers next to each other.

  1. If you want the box lid to close, leave the stems of flowers no more than 3-4 centimeters long.

  1. After the large buds are used, fill the empty space with small flowers, greens and berries.

  1. The final touch is a decorative ribbon. Using a glue gun attach the tape you like to the box, it will complete the image.