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Editor'S Choice - 2019

Where Putin rules the country. Three days in Moscow: what to see with the child

Usually summer vacation is associated with the beach, sea, sun, and then the metropolis with its gas content, noise, traffic jams, crowds of people. In short, Moscow. But besides the minuses here you can find a lot of advantages, you can have a good rest, knowing that rest is first of all a change of impressions. And of course, impressions, adventures, multi-level emotions in Moscow are enough.

So, the son has already been to Moscow, but because of his early childhood he did not remember anything. And then he turned 6 years old, and either the patriotic upbringing actively promoted now in the country acted, or the child, as they say, “matured”, was only asked for a kid in Moscow:

“I want,” he says, “to see from where Putin rules the country, where this Red Square, where parades are held.” (No, I would just say: “I want to visit my grandmother”).

I had to get ready for the trip. The benefit of the routes St. Petersburg - Moscow is enough: if you want - fly, if you want - take a ride by car, you want by train. We stopped at the last option - chose a trip to the "Sapsan". Comfortable, fast, reliable. In addition, passengers of this train good discounts relied on the purchase of tickets for the double-decker bus with a sightseeing tour of Moscow.

Day One: Red Square and Moscow playgrounds

We went on a tour. We listened, saw the sights of the center of the capital. Red Square, Mausoleum, St. Basil’s Cathedral, Alexander Garden with eternal flame. Liked. In the Central Department Store we went and ate firm ice cream in a horn.

We walked along Tverskaya-Yamskaya, of course, not Nevsky Prospect, but there is also something to see.

In the evening, the playing grounds went to develop - it turned out that in comparison with Peter, each yard was full of them, and such good, interesting ones. My son wanted to live in Moscow right away ...

Day Two: Museum of tanks "Patriot" in Kubinka

I must say that the son is interested in military history, dreams of becoming a military, so we went to the Patriot Museum. We visited the place where the tank biathlon passed, looked at the Kubinka tanks. A lot of tanks. The son was delighted. All day on these tanks admired. Small and large, Soviet, German and other countries, old and new ... So it went the whole day.

Day Three: Zoo and Moskumrium

After immersing in the technique I wanted something more lively, positive. We went to the Moscow Zoo. Summer, hot - many animals were asleep and we did not come across our eyes. Nevertheless, both the old part and the new part of the zoo were examined, the hot dogs were eaten. I ask my son who he remembers most at the zoo (I think: monkeys, polar bears, giraffe ...)

- Ducks, mother, ducks.

In the evening, we went to Moskumrium for a water show with killer whales, dolphins, seals. Of course, we saw on television the queues at the new aquarium, but the son really wanted to. It turned out that it is possible to buy tickets on the website of Moskumrium without any queues, the main thing is to wait for the site to work (at three o'clock in the morning the godparent got us tickets).

Very cool - at first they walked along the oceanarium itself (everything is new, clean, beautiful, the fish are well-groomed), then they went to the show itself. Musically, informative, interesting.

And in the morning again in Peter. On the beloved son "Sapsan". Well, we have touched the knowledge of Moscow, next summer we will continue to explore the capital. They say: it is good to leave the table a little hungry. So with travel - it's great when you want to come back and there is still something to see.

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