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Smoking when you are pregnant

Smoking when you are pregnant really can not. At least that is what you always hear from your doctor and midwife. Also in the media you are told that smoking is bad for the development of your baby. But is that really true? Can a cigarette a day during pregnancy now really harm your baby?

Smoking when you are pregnant

Judge yourself. In the following documentary, women are interviewed who have continued to smoke during their pregnancy. You hear their experiences and how this has affected their baby. Smoking during pregnancy, even if it is 1 cigarette per day is also available in this film.

Do you want to quit smoking because you are pregnant?

There are many ways to quit smoking, many people have gone before you and have been smoking for years now. Which method you should choose to stop smoking when you are pregnant is different for everyone. It will not be easy to stop but you are actually obliged to your baby. And honestly, is smoking really that good? Or is it between your ears and do you feel good only when you have received enough nicotine again?

What has worked for me may not work for you, but you can try it if you can not stop on your own.

What has helped me and my husband in an hour of smoking is Eracare's method. There is a miniscule pin in your ear and you are within a few minutes the desire for a cigarette lost. Sure you think about it but you no longer have that enormous urge that makes it so difficult to stop.

Smoking during the pregnancy video:
Smoking 1 cigarette per day can be harmful to your unborn child

You can find other methods that you can choose from here.
In another blog you read even more quit smoking tips. In addition to smoking, there are other things that you can better stay away from when you are pregnant. Here you will find a handy overview of "what is not allowed when you are pregnant".