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My feeding story

My daughter is now 2 months old and feeding is perfect now. But the beginning was not quite what I imagined. I thought that as soon as I had my face, they would put my treasure on my belly, I would immediately give her breast, and she would blissfully stick. But it was not there.

My daughter calmly fell asleep on my stomach as soon as she was born, and for the next 4 hours she snuffled, not paying attention to the pediatrician, midwives and other doctors. I was indignant only when she began to measure, weigh and swaddle. When we were transferred to the puerperal ward, she continued to sleep, and didn’t react to my attempts at giving breasts. To which our dad declared: "All in me, I would choose to sleep between meals and sleep."

I gave birth at 11 o'clock, and my princess took the breast for 5 minutes only 4 hours. And after 5 minutes, she spit it out. At six o'clock she ate longer. I was very upset, but my daughter-in-law Natasha (she was with me at a partner birth, she has three daughters) said that it was not scary, now she would sleep and calmly and without suck would suck. And the truth is: after sleeping, my girl grabbed everything correctly, but due to the fact that she often applied herself at night to her chest, the next day there was redness and painful swelling on the nipple. My family brought me an ointment only every other day, and all this time, wincing painfully, I gave my Katya a chest.

Again my hopes and dreams did not come true. We were told at the courses: "No breast creams are needed, the main thing is for the child to properly capture the breast, and everything will be fine." Dear future mothers, do not believe. Everyone has different ways, someone is fine, but someone has very sensitive skin. It is necessary to prepare the breast for the fact that the child will constantly suck, and the delicate skin of the areola can react painfully to touch. Please take a cream or ointment for the breast with you to the maternity hospital - especially for nursing moms, with lanolin or Bepanten (unfortunately, I didn’t know whether to wash it off or not before each feeding, and every time I ran it) the same as mine, it is better to be safe and take the most.

And one more recommendation from a mother who has gone through this: when you smear your chest with cream or something else, do not cover your chest, do not apply dressings, let the cream soak itself - open the chest, let it be in the air. So the cream is absorbed faster and everything heals.

When I was discharged from the maternity hospital, I didn’t suspect that the painful sensations and small cracks would disappear only after a month and a half. I forgot the instructions of our lecturer: leave your chest open. I smeared ointment, applied a bandage and put on a bra. I remembered when it was already quite painful. But there was a great desire to breastfeed the baby, and now we are fine.

When I was alone at home, I smeared nipples with sea buckthorn oil and walked for about 20 minutes, and then with Bepanten ointment - also for 20 minutes. So three days in a row, and everything went.

From the hospital, I sleep with my baby in the same bed, and it is very comfortable. First, do not get up anywhere. Get enough sleep. Secondly, the child, waking up, does not cry, but immediately looks for the breast. My Katenka stopped waking up at night in the second month. Now she just turns to me and is looking for her chest, I feel that when I sleep I feel that I am sucking, and I just hold her to me - that's all. In fact, I can feed and reclining, and when it lies on my stomach - by the way, it is convenient when the baby begins a period of colic and gas. The child lies on the mother’s stomach and presses her tummy, the air is less swallowed, the baby is less choked, and the gases quietly leave, and the tummy does not hurt. Very often, my daughter in this position fell asleep, clinging to her chest, and I fell asleep with her, holding her hands. And at night, then shifted to bed. Third, the savings on the bed. And do not be afraid that the child will fall asleep all the time only with you. Katyusha is sleeping with me, as well as without me. And during the day it is convenient to lie down next to the child and also fall asleep. And if she cried in a dream, then you can lie down side by side and feed, reassure. Fourth, when you open your eyes from the fact that your baby claps for the first time on your cheeks, and when you see that you have opened your eyes, begins to smile and shake, you feel incredibly happy and believe that all troubles will pass. Do not be afraid to sleep your baby. In fact, you feel it literally with your skin: how it sniffles, how it turns. But you can err - you can lie, for example, on your right side, stretch your right arm forward (as a fencer) and put the child under your flank. And you will never turn in your sleep - the hand will interfere. And it is convenient to hug your little one for the ass, and it will be like in a cradle. Maybe someone my advice will be useful. Good luck everyone.

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