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Editor'S Choice - 2019

Santa Claus round-the-world trip

No meeting of the New Year is complete without Santa Claus. On December 26, 60 children from the village of Kozhino, the village of Nikolsky, the village of Briquette and the Moscow orphanage "Solntsevo" were waiting for the kind grandfather in our Center. All gathered in the concert hall to traditionally call together Santa Claus and get the desired gifts. But…

Instead of Grandfather, the sad Snow Maiden, Snowman, Bunny and Wolf were waiting for the guests. They told viewers that Santa Claus, it turns out, half a year ago had gone on a world cruise and had not yet appeared! But he sent seven postcards from different countries where he visited. The Snow Maiden asked guests to “visit” these countries in order to find the Grandfather in one of them.

The guys were divided into teams and went on the route lists in an exciting journey.

And real residents of Colombia, Brazil, New Zealand, Turkey and Macedonia were waiting for children. Countries were represented by volunteers from the AIESEC organization. Long-standing good friends and volunteers of the Center took part in the holiday. Professional drummers and dancers represented Africa and India. The guys studied national dances and games, tried to communicate with cheerful foreigners. Russia was an obligatory country in the route. Here the guests were met by the Snow Maiden with friends (children from the "Solntsevo" orphanage). They sang and danced "Kalinka Malinka", treated guests with donuts with honey and played funny folk games.

The guests "visited" all countries and again gathered in the concert hall. Here everyone chanted in magical languages ​​the magical wish “Happy New Year”, counted the “symbols” of different countries that were rewarded for the passed competitions. And they found out where Santa Claus hid after all. It turned out that most of the "characters" teams got from Russia. And a hat with earflaps, and boots, and a painted handkerchief, and a bunch of bagels. So Grandpa is already here. All together they called Santa Claus, and under the magic music he finally appeared - big, kind and cheerful.

Santa Claus congratulated everyone on the upcoming New Year and distributed sweet gifts. To the joy of the Snow Maiden and the guys once again danced "Kalinka-Malinka." The girls from Kozhino sang hot New Year songs, the guys from Solntsevo danced the waltz, the drummers lit the whole hall with cheerful rhythms, and the "Indian" dancer performed a gentle dance. It turned out a real gala concert! The holiday ended with a traditional tea party.

AIESEC volunteers really liked Russian children - so open and funny. And our guys were delighted with foreign youth. Festive time brings together a variety of people, and they suddenly realize that there is no between them, and there can be no boundaries. Let this genuine feeling of life remain with us next year.

Watch the video: How to follow Santa Claus as he makes his Christmas eve journey around the world (November 2019).