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How often do you have to change a diaper?

A question often asked at the clinic and in the hospital's delivery department is: "How often do you have to change a diaper?". New parents are often insecure about many things and so also about changing diapers. In this blog I will tell you more about when you should change a diaper.

How often do you have to change a diaper in a newborn baby?

Because a newborn baby often pees small bits, it is not necessary to change his nappy after every pee. When you check the diaper of your newborn baby every 2 to 3 hours, that is sufficient.

However, it is important to immediately change the diaper of a newborn baby if he or she has been pooping. Because the stool of a newborn baby is often thin or wet, this can cause irritated skin. By changing the diaper quickly after the pooping you can do this as much as possible.

Does your baby suffer from irritation at the buttocks? Then use Bepanthen or Sudocrème to reduce irritation and remedy.

Tip! How do you take a romper off with a poop-diaper? Every parent must know this!

Changing diaper before or after feeding?

Most people change their babies after feeding. In babies it is common that during feeding the digestive tract is stimulated and farts and peasants are left. This also ensures that feces often enter the diaper during feeding. It is therefore a shame to change already for the food.

When you change the diaper after feeding, it is wise not to do this immediately after feeding. But just wait until the baby has processed the food and left a farmer. As mentioned above, it often happens that during or just after feeding a baby has stools and then you can directly change this nicely.

How often do you have to change a diaper at night?

When you use good diapers, you do not have to change your baby at night. You certainly should not wake up your baby.

If your baby has been pooping at night, he will indicate this himself, but this usually happens rarely. When your baby gets night nutrients, you change him before or after the diet, depending on the amount of urine in the diaper.

But if your baby is already asleep, your baby can sleep 8 hours in a row with the same good diaper. These are made to collect several ponds during the night.

These are good change moments

Not only how often do you have to change a diaper is useful to know but also what good change moments are. The moment you change a diaper is always personal, because everyone and every baby has a different rhythm.
But the moments when most parents change a diaper are:

  • After the baby has pooped.
  • Before you go to the doctor or the clinic.
  • Before you make a (long) car ride.
  • After feeding.
  • Before the baby goes to sleep.

As indicated there are no fixed rules about how often you have to change a diaper. It is better to look for a rhythm that suits your family and your baby.