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Pregnancy and childbirth: numbers and records. What is a woman capable of?

Childbirth is mysterious in itself: suddenly something develops out of nothing in nine months! A person who still groans and strains, but in a month will smile, in a year he will run and talk, in 7 years he will go to school, and in another 15 years he will give his mother grandchildren. And what else is remarkable childbirth?

27 genera It was in the life of the wife of the Russian peasant Fyodor Vasilyev. For 40 years, from 1725 to 1765, she gave birth to 69 children. Twins were born 16 times, 7 triples, and 4 children were born 4 times.

2nd day of the week - Tuesday is the most popular day for newborns: at this time they are born the most. And the days of calm in childbirth - the weekend, Saturday and Sunday.

In 1847 year in the process of childbirth was first applied pain reliever. Scottish Dr. James Young Simpson did it: he used chloroform. The baby that came into being (it was a girl) was called Anesthesia.

70 years old Omkari Panwar from India was when she became the oldest mother in the world, producing twins (the father was 77 at the time). To scrape money on IVF, the couple mortgaged a plot of land, sold buffaloes, spent all the savings, and took a loan from a bank. Kids were born weighing a little more than a kilogram, but healthy. Before Omkari, 66-year-old Adriana Iliescu from Romania and Spaniard Carmel Bousada shared the title of the most elderly mothers.

10.2 kg - so much weighed the newborn son of Karmelina Fedele from the Italian Aversa. And the smallest newborn girl was born prematurely in 1989 - she weighed only 281 g.

23 days gave birth to a 17-year-old African woman by the name of Craig, who lives in the city of Vidhuka in Namibia. Pregnancy was multiple, it was expected 6 twins. Only 5 of them were born on October 15, and the 6th child was born 23 days later.

84 days was the gap between the birth of an American Peggy Lynn. She wore twins, but one of them asked for the light before the other. So the girl Khana was the first, and her brother Eric was born only after almost 3 months.

2 minutes Lasted in the birth of the British Palak Weiss, they were recognized as the fastest. Send off the water, and after just one attempt, a healthy girl was born, who was named Vedikoy. And the first child of the Weiss family, a boy, was born in just an hour.

Until the XVII century all births were vertical. Changed the tradition of the "king of the sun" Louis XIV, and all out of curiosity: the king wanted to see his heir born, and the woman was laid on his back.

Only 10% Babies are born at term, at 40 weeks gestation. 38 weeks - the period in which the fetus is considered full-term, mature and ready to be born.

6-8 weeks given to the female body to recover from childbirth. At this time, you need to comply with hygiene, to limit physical exertion. Acts at this time and the prohibition of sexual life. Sex after childbirth can be dangerous with an embolism — a blockage of a blood vessel with air bubbles. British researchers have reported 18 cases of "fatal" postpartum sex in the UK from 1967 to 1993.

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