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Lunar calendar haircuts

What a pity that much of what seemed clear and understandable to our ancestors is now forgotten or not taken seriously. But our ancestors knew that the lunar phase is responsible not only for the ebb and flow, mood, strength, but also for how successful the haircut will be and how it will affect the future life.

That is why in ancient times no one was surprised when, on certain dates of the lunar calendar, the hairdresser simply took a day off, because on that day it was not up to haircuts. The moon also affects the condition of the hair in general ... The lunar calendar of haircuts divides the days into favorable and not so.

So, how is the lunar calendar responsible for the success of the haircut?

First, the phase of the moon matters (everyone has heard of this).

To make hair grow faster, do a haircut on the growing Moon (1st and 2nd phases). A haircut on the waning moon will strengthen the hair roots and prevent their rapid loss, but they will grow back quite a long time.

The next point, which draws attention to the lunar calendar haircuts - days of the week.

So, monday - moon day. All sorrow and negative away. However, on this day you can not get a haircut born on Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday.

Tuesday lunar calendar haircuts considers Mars Day. On this day, you can shave those who lack the activity, courage. Or physical health. However, on this day it is better not to get a haircut for those who were born on Monday or Friday.

Wednesday (or rather, Mercury) activates memory and intelligence, puts in order the nerves, but on Wednesday it is better not to cut a haircut for those who were born on Thursday.

Thursday Lunar calendar haircuts considers a good day. There is an opportunity to cut off your past, opening new horizons. But this does not apply to those who were born on Wednesday - you had better wait.

Friday (Venus). A unique day for haircuts, because you not only change your hairstyle, you change your appearance. Thus, the probability of fateful acquaintances and prospective contacts significantly increases. But if you are already satisfied with your appearance and also have a passionate kind, choose another day for haircuts, since Friday does not tolerate excesses and is able to deprive you of internal balance. Remember that "the best is the enemy of the good." Excessiveness always turns into its opposite. No wonder many religions on this day call to restrain themselves and to observe fasting. You should not get a haircut on this day born on Tuesday.

Saturday It is very good for hair restoration, as well as for removing karmic debts and sins. But not for those born on Sunday.

Sunday Lunar calendar haircuts considers the most unlucky day, in which you can cut off your happiness.

And finally, a more detailed lunar calendar haircuts can tell you about each day of the lunar cycle in detail.

1st Lunar Day - along with the hair, you can cut off your life by cutting it ...

The 2nd Lunar Day is unfavorable in the sense that it draws quarrels, scandals, litigation to a person.

The 3rd and 4th lunar days are unfavorable for haircuts due to possible mental and physical health problems.

On the 5th Lunar day is very favorable for haircuts, as an aid in achieving material benefits.

The 6th and 7th lunar days are also not the best for a haircut, as they are fraught with deterioration of health and conflicts at work and in the family.

On the 8th Lunar day, hair cutting is favorable, as it attracts longevity, health, and good physical shape to a person. After a while, a person’s life can improve, his social status increase.

9-10th lunar days are not very good for a haircut, because fraught with deterioration of physical condition.

On the 11th Lunar Day, a haircut has a positive effect on the intuition of a person, his feelings and the gift of foresight.

12th Lunar Day. Haircut is contraindicated: unhappiness, injury, danger to life and health are possible.

On the 13th Lunar day, the lunar calendar of haircuts considers a happy day, there will be improvements in appearance and personal life.

Haircut in the 14th Lunar day contributes to the advancement in the professional sphere of a person in his affairs. His financial position is improving, profit is possible. At work - good relations with the authorities.

In the 15-16 lunar days from the haircut will be of little use. Rather, harm. Haircut these days can attract all sorts of problems, misfortunes. A person will tend to make wrong conclusions, mistakes.

Haircut on the 17th Lunar Day threatens with problems in all matters and unexpected diseases. According to Eastern belief, hair cutting on this day attracts evil spirits to a person.

The 18th Lunar Day also cannot be called a good day for a haircut. Possible loss of money and property.

What can not be said about the 19th lunar day, as the direct opposite of the 18th.

On the 20th Lunar day, cutting hair is undesirable, as it can provoke depression.

Haircut in the 21st Lunar day is favorable for a person, as it will bring him joy and luck. He will be confident, look good and attract attention.

The 22nd Lunar Day is a day of gaining energy and acquiring something tangible and material. Including extra pounds, by the way, so this is a double-edged sword.

On the 23rd Lunar day, a haircut gives a person material well-being and the opportunity to improve life. Also, haircut improves complexion. The person will become more healthy and beautiful.

On the 24th Lunar day, it is better to refrain from cutting as this may attract disease.

Haircut in the 25th Lunar day is unfavorable for a person, as it can lead to eye diseases, or worsen the patient's condition. In humans, the eye pressure may increase, leading to impaired vision.

The 26th Lunar Day is favorable for a new haircut. With its help, you can attract joy and luck, improve your mood, and just feel happy.

The 27th lunar day is very good for cutting and improving mood and creating a positive attitude in life.

A haircut on the 28th Lunar day will make a person charming and attractive. His appearance will fascinate the people around him.

On the 29th Lunar day, cutting hair is undesirable: the lunar calendar of haircuts believes that on this day you can change the karma. But it is not known which way these changes will go.

The 30th Lunar day is unfavorable for changing haircuts. A haircut on this day may even bring death to a person.

But remember that nothing lasts forever, and an unfortunate haircut can be fixed on more favorable lunar days. Good luck in all your endeavors!

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