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What do you call a boy? Male names and their meanings

Are you expecting the birth of an heir or has a boy just been born in your family? Our list of male names - ancient and modern, popular with different nations - will help to name the boy according to the meaning of the name and your family traditions. So, popular and rare names for boys - and the meaning of these names.

Names for boys in the letter A

Abram (Abraham, Abraham, Abraham, Abram) - Hebrew: "the father of all nations, heavenly father."

Augustus - Latin: "majestic, great, sacred."

Avtandil - Georgian: "the heart of the motherland".

Adam - Hebrew: "first man" or "red clay."

Adolf - Old German: "noble wolf".

Akbar - Arabic: "the greatest, the eldest."

Akim (Ekim) - Hebrew: "God offers."

Aladin - Arabic: "exalted faith."

Alexander - ancient Greek: "protector of the people."

Alexey - ancient Greek: "protector".

Ali - Arab: "sublime."

Alonso - Spanish: "courage, resourcefulness, wisdom."

Albert - Germanic: "noble brilliance".

Alfred - Old German: "free, unencumbered."

Anatoly - Greek: "Eastern".

Anwar - Persian: "radiant".

Andrei (Andrzej, Anjey) - Greek: "courageous, brave".

Andronicus - ancient Greek: "winner".

Anisim - Greek: "execution, execution".

Anton (Antony, Antonin) - Latin: "entering the battle, competing in force." In Rome, was recognized as a generic name.

Apollo (Apollinaris, Apollonius) - ancient Greek: "belonging to Apollo - the god of the sun."

Arkady is the Greek name for "the blessed or the inhabitant of the country of Arcadia."

Armen - Greek: "resident of Armenia".

Arnold - Old German: "soaring eagle."

Arseny (Arsen) - Greek: "courageous, strong."

Artemy (Artamon, Artem) - Greek: "safe, healthy."

Arthur - Celtic: "bear".

Archipp (Archip) - Greek: "the head of the cavalry."

Askold - Old Norse: "golden voice, pevun".

Aslan - Arabic: "the mighty lion."

Athanasius (Athanas, Atanas, Athanasius) - Greek: "immortality."

Ahmad - Turkic: "glorified man."

Ashot - Turkic: "fire".

Names for boys on the letter B

Bogdan - Slavic: "given by God."

Bonifati (Boniface) - Latin: "good fate".

Boris - Slavic: "wrestler".

Bronislav - Slavic: "nice defender."

Bruno - German: "darkness".

Bulat - Turkic: "strong, steel, pivotal."

Names for boys in letter B

Vadim - Latin: "healthy", later received an additional Greek meaning: "troublemaker, accusing of all."

Valentine (Valent) - Latin: "strong, strong, healthy, powerful."

Valery - Latin: "strong, rich." In Rome, it was considered a generic name.

Walter - Old German: "managing people, patron."

Basil (Vasil, Vasil, Vasilid) - Greek: "royalty."

Benjamin - Hebrew: "son of the right hand."

Victor (Victorine, Victoria) - Latin: "winner", "winning all".

Wilhelm - Old German: "Knight".

William - German: "desired."

Vissarion - Greek: "gorge, valley, forest, resident of the forest."

Vitaly (Vit) - Latin: "life, life."

Vladimir - Slavic: "lord of the world", "owning the world."

Vladislav - Slavic: "owning fame."

Vlas - ancient Greek: "lethargy, awkwardness."

Waldemar - Old German: "the famous ruler."

Vsevolod - Slavic: "owning everything and everyone."

Vyacheslav (Vatslav, Ventslav) - Slavic: "great, glorious".

Names for boys on the letter G

Gabriel - the Hebrew: "the firmness of faith in God," literally: "my power - God."

Galaktion - Greek: "Milk".

Hamlet - Old German: "twin twin".

Hector - Greek: "Commander, Keeper."

Gennady - Greek: "noble".

Heinrich - Old German: "powerful, rich."

George - Greek: "farmer".

Gerasim - Greek: "respectable, respected."

Herman - Latin: "blood, native".

Gleb - Old Norse: "the favorite of the gods."

Gogi (Gochi) - Georgian: "brave, brave".

Pride is the Greek name of the famous king Phrygia.

Gorislav - Slavic: "burning, glowing glory."

Gregory - Greek: "awake, vigilant."

Gustav - German: "military adviser".

The names for the boys in the letter D

David - Hebrew: "beloved, long-awaited."

Daniel is Hebrew: "my judge."

Demian - Latin: "conquering, meek".

Denis - Ancient Greek: "inspired by the god Dionysus".

Jamal (Jamil) - Arabic: "beautiful, pleasant."

Dmitry - Greek: "dedicated to the goddess of fertility Demeter."

Dobrynya is a Slavic name with the meaning "daring, clever".

Dorofei - Greek: "God's gift."

Names for boys in the letter E

Eugene - Greek: "noble, noble."

Yevsei (Eusebius, Eusenius) - Greek: "pious, spiritual."

Egor - Greek: "farmer". It can be perceived as an oral household form of the name George (extremely rare).

Elisha - Hebrew: "the savior of the living."

Emelyan - Greek: "Flattering."

Yeremey - Hebrew: "crowned by God."

Erofei - Greek: "sacred".

Yefim is Greek: "pious."

Ephraim is a variant of the name Ephraim.

The names for the boys in the letter Z

Zakhar is Hebrew: "God remembers."

Siegfried - Old German: "the favorite of the Gods".

Zinovy ​​- ancient Greek: "the life that gave Zeus."

Names for boys and

Jacob is the same as Jacob.

Ivan is Hebrew: "the gracious" and "God of Yahweh have mercy".

Ignatius (Ignat) - Latin: "fiery, red-hot to the fire."

Igor - Old Norse: "militant, strong".

Israel is Hebrew: "God rules here."

Izyaslav - Slavic: "achieved glory."

Jesus is Hebrew: "God will help all."

Hilarion - Greek: "cheerful, joyful, carefree."

Elijah is Hebrew: "fortress, unapproachable" and "Yahweh is my God."

Innocent - Latin: "innocent, virgin."

Joseph is Hebrew: "God will multiply, add."

Names for boys in the letter K

Casimir - Polish: "peace-loving, serene."

Kamal - Arabic: "perfection."

Karen - Arab: "generosity, generosity."

Karim - Arabic: "gracious, generous."

Karl - Old German: "bold."

Kasim is Turkic: "distributing, dividing, delimited."

Castor - Greek: "beaver".

Cyril - Greek: "Lord, lord, master".

Klim - Greek: "vine".

Konon - Latin: "wit, quick-witted."

Constantine - Latin: "persistent, permanent."

Korney - Latin: "horn or berry of dogwood."

Christian - Latin: "he who belongs to Christ."

Kuzma - Greek: "tamer".

Names for boys in the letter L

Laurel - Latin: "laurel tree, wreath, victory, triumph."

The lion is Greek: "the lion, the king of beasts."

Leonid - Latin, mastered by the Russians: "like a lion."

Leopold - Old German: "brave as a lion."

Luka - Latin: "light".

The names for the boys in the letter M

Makar - Greek: "blissful, happy."

Maxim - Latin: "the greatest, the biggest."

Mark - Latin: "hammer".

Martin is Latin: "dedicated to Mars" or "belligerent, strong."

Matthew is Hebrew: "God's man, the gift of God."

Mahmud - Arabic: "glorious, kind."

Myron - Greek: "fragrant."

Mitrofan - Greek: "found by mother".

Michael is Hebrew: "like God."

Micah is Hebrew: "equal to God."

Mstislav - Hebrew: "nice revenge."

Murad (Murat) - Arabic: "desired, achievable goal."

Muslim - Arabic: "conqueror".

Mukhtar - Arab: "chosen one".

The names for the boys in the letter H

Nathan - Hebrew: "God gave."

Naum - Hebrew: "comforter, sedative".

Nestor - Greek: "returned to their homeland."

Nikita is Greek: "winner."

Nikifor - Greek: "victorious, hero."

Nikolai is Greek: "the conqueror of the nations."

Names for boys in the letter O

Oleg - Old Norse: "holy, sacred".

Omar - Arabic: "remembering everything."

Orestes - Greek: "mountain".

Osip is a variant of the name Joseph.

Oscar - Old Norse: "divine chariot".

Otto - German: "owning something."

Names for boys on the letter P

Paul - Latin: "small, small."

The groin is Greek: "broad-shouldered, healthy."

Peresvet - Slavic: "bright, glowing, very bright."

Peter is Greek: "stone, rock, stronghold."

Plato - ancient Greek: "broad".

Prokhor is Greek: "leading in dance, dancing".

The names for the boys in the letter P

Ramazan is Arabic, derived from the name of the Muslim post: ramazan.

Ramon - Spanish: "skillfully defending".

Rashid (Rashit) - Arabic: "walking the right path."

Rezo - Arabic: "favor, mercy."

Renat - two origins: Latin - "revived, resurrected"; in the Soviet era, the name got a different meaning - short for “revolution, science, technology”.

Richard is an Old Germanic: "smashing, conquering without a miss."

Robert - Old German: "unfading, everlasting glory."

Rodion - Greek: "rosehip, rose, thorn".

Roman - Latin: "Roman, Roman, resident of Rome".

Rostislav - Slavic: "growing glory."

Ruben - Hebrew: "pointing to the son" - or Latin: "blushing."

Rudolph - Old German: "Red Wolf".

Ruslan (Arslan) - Turkic: "lion, lion".

Rustam (Rustem) - Turkic: "mighty".

Names for boys with the letter C

Sawa - Aramaic: "old man".

Saveliy - Hebrew: "eaten from God."

Svyatoslav - Slavic: "holy glory".

Sevastyan - Greek: "highly esteemed, sacred, wise."

Simon (Simeon, Simon) - Hebrew: "heard, listening, heard."

Seraphim - Hebrew: "burning, fiery angel, fiery."

Sergey - Latin: "clear, highly esteemed, well-born". In the Roman Empire was considered a generic name.

Solomon is Hebrew: "peaceful, without enmity."

Stanislav - Slavic: "the most glorious."

Stepan - Greek: "wreath".

Sultan - Arab: "power".

The names for the boys in the letter T

Taras - Greek: "troublemaker, rebel."

Theodore is Greek: "the gift of God."

Timothy is Greek: "worshiping God," "God-fearing."

Timur - Turkic: "iron".

Tikhon - Greek: "successful, bringing happiness."

Trofim - Greek: "breadwinner".

Names for boys in the letter F

Fazil - Arab: "worthy, excellent, the best."

Farhat (Farhad, Farhid) - Persian: "intelligent, clear."

Fedor - Greek: "presented by God."

Felix - Latin: "happy, sunny".

Fidel - Latin: "devotee, student."

Philip is Greek: "loving horses."

Thomas - Hebrew: "twin".

The names for the boys in the letter X

Hakim - Arabic: "wise."

Chariton - Greek: "generous, showered with mercies."

Christopher - Greek: "carrying the faith of Christ," emerged after the emergence of Christianity.

Names for boys in the letter C

Caesar - Latin: "dissecting".

Name for boys in letter E

Edward is a variant of the name Edward.

Edwin - Old German: "brought victory with the sword."

Edgar - Old German: "guardian of the city."

Edward - Old German: "cares for prosperity, thirst for wealth."

Eldar - Arab: "divine gift."

Emil - Latin: "zealous, accurate." In the Roman Empire was considered a generic name.

Emmanuel - Hebrew: "God is with us."

Eric - Old Norse: "nobility, leadership."

Ernest - Old German: "serious, strict, thorough."

Names for boys in the letter U

Julian - Latin, denoting the identity of Julius.

Julius - Latin: "curly, soft, fluffy." Recognized by the Roman generic name.

Yuri - Latin: "plowman"; form named George.

Names for the boys in the letter I

Jacob is a form of the name Jacob.

Jan - Slavic: "God given."

Yaroslav - Slavic: "strong, glorious."

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