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Sports during pregnancy. What is allowed and what is not?

The big question many pregnant women ask is: may I sports during pregnancy? The answer to this is: Yes! Sports when you are pregnant is even recommended. It keeps your body fit, it is good for you and your baby and it can prevent certain pregnancy ailments.

In principle you can still do a lot of sports, especially in the first and second trimester of your pregnancy. After that 6 months pregnancy you will also notice that you become less mobile and not everything is just as nice. Some sports also become dangerous and you can better avoid them. Read here what the benefits of sports are, which sports you can practice the entire pregnancy and which do not. In addition, we also give you tips to train your core and oblique abdominal muscles!

Benefits of sports during pregnancy

You better do exercise during pregnancy than not. Even if you did not do sports before your pregnancy, it is always a good time to start. Of course you need to build up the exercise or carefully. If you were already very athletic for your pregnancy, you can continue. Always listen to your body and also see which sports you better avoid.

The benefits of sports during pregnancy:

  • Reduced risk of complications during childbirth
  • Your muscles stay smooth;
  • Less burden of fatigue;
  • Reduced risk of varicose veins;
  • Less trouble with constipation;
  • Reduced risk of gestational diabetes;
  • Less problems with morning sickness and pain in your lower back and legs (if you keep your muscles strong);
  • Better health for you and your baby.

Which sports do you have to pay extra attention to?

Some sports can still be practiced for a long time, but the further you are in your pregnancy, the more risk you run. Your stomach is also becoming increasingly in the way. You will also notice that your balance is less and less. That is because your center of gravity is shifting through your growing belly. Please keep this in mind, especially in sports where balance is essential, for example, not to fall.

Sports during pregnancy! Until when can you practice which sports? Until the third quarter you can practice most sports.

There are also sports that are stressful for your joints, such as running or interval training where you have to jump a lot, not conducive to your body. During pregnancy, your joints become softer and they can cope less. In addition, there is increasing pressure on the bands at your uterus. This results in tire pain. If you make many sudden movements, this can worsen and you can get hard bellies. If you notice this, you have gone too far. It is better to take a step back then.

Sports exercises during pregnancy: pay extra attention to the following sports:

  • Running and jogging during pregnancy:

    As you progress in your pregnancy, it is better to take it slower or walk more as it is stressful for your joints.

  • Watersports:

    Experienced water sports enthusiasts can still do these sports (surfing, canoeing, windsurfing, rafting). However, it is wise to stop when your belly grows.

  • Skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing:

    Of course it is not good for your child if you fall hard on your belly, so pay attention and see if you can keep your balance. The further you are in your pregnancy, the more dangerous these sports become.

  • Horse riding:

    Do this only if you are experienced and drive quietly;

  • Ball sports

    Be careful with falling or hard body contact in ball sports (basketball, volleyball, hockey, etc.)

Which sports better not during pregnancy?

Of course, you can not do some sports better if you are pregnant. Especially not if you have been traveling for 6 months. I still mention a few:

  • Climbing or other sport where you are at a height above 2500 meters;
  • To dive;
  • Marathon running;
  • Strength training with heavy weights;
  • Parachuting;
  • Kitesurfing;
  • Matches boxing or wrestling.

Which sports can you practice the entire pregnancy?

Sports during pregnancy that you can continue to do until the end are cycling and swimming. In these ways of exercising, your muscles and joints are not burdened by your own body weight. In addition, you can also choose to practice certain pregnancy sports. These sports are given in for example a gym or the physiotherapist and are a good preparation for the delivery. Think about:

  • Pregnancy yoga;
  • Pregnancy gym;
  • Pregnancy swimming;
  • Maternity fitness.

Pregnant and abdominal exercises

During your pregnancy, your stomach naturally grows tremendously. Many women then have the need to train the abdominal muscles for more firmness. But this has a counterproductive effect. At least: if you train the straight abdominal muscles.
Because of your growing belly, your straight abdominal muscles are stretched, pushed aside and there is space between the muscles. If you are going to train the muscles at that moment, they will continue to subside and this will weaken them. You can train your right abs until the third month, then better not.

Do: train core and oblique abdominal muscles

If you want to sports during pregnancy and you want to strengthen your muscles, it is very good to train your core and oblique abdominal muscles. This can help reduce lower back pain and tension on your tires.
Below a few exercises you can do:

  • Training lower abdominal muscles:

    This exercise is very easy, try to pull in your navel and lower abdomen as often as possible. You can do this at any time if you have to stand for a while, such as during cooking or when you are waiting for the bus. You perform the exercise well if your upper belly bulges when you pull your lower abdomen.

  • Planks:

    Planks is a super good exercise to strengthen your entire core. For example, start with 3 times 10 seconds and try to extend this to 3 times 30 seconds. Make sure you tighten your abdominal muscles and your back stays straight.

  • Obliques:

    Oblique abdominal muscles may continue to train throughout the pregnancy. You can make this stronger by using a side board or side shelf. With this you train not only the oblique abdominal muscles, but your entire torso.

Before you get excited about these exercises, it is important that your posture is optimal. Take a good look at images of the various postures and check in the mirror to see if you are doing well!
Or watch the DVD: Pregnant & Fit during pregnancy! Van Erin O'Brien with many exercises that you can do at home during pregnancy.