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Editor'S Choice - 2019

How to save on educational toys? Sew them yourself!

I want to share my ideas about how to make very necessary educational toys from old unnecessary trifles - both for the very small and the older children. I have two children: 4-year-old boy and 5-month-old girl.

We will need: buttons, sticky tape, a lock, patches of various fabrics, ribbons, satin ribbons, croup, and a violent imagination and desire to realize our idea. Do not rush to throw away the remnants of broken toys and plastic eggs from kinder surprise - they can still be useful. Also in the farm there are always buttons, laces, applications from old children's clothes and other trifles. Yes, yes, everything that we are accustomed to throwing away or storing in the farthest corners of the cabinet may be useful to us. When there is imagination and creative imagination, much needed educational toys for children can be made from a mountain of rubbish. And this is an exclusive - no one will have such a toy.

At first I made a big phone the size of an A4 sheet for my son. He helps the child to learn to recognize colors, to fasten and unfasten various fasteners, to tie shoelaces. It was made for its manufacture: fleece of different colors, an applique or a pattern cut out of fabric (in this case, a bird was cut out of an old kitchen towel), another pocket fabric, a large button, velcro, buttons, a lock, lace, a narrow satin ribbon of two colors.

And for my daughter, I sewed another educational toy that helps my child develop light, sound, tactile perception and fine motor skills, and also learn how to unbuckle the velcro, find a hidden animal under the pocket. On the front side of the toy, various buttons and applications are worn from old clothes, so that the child can touch them. A satin ribbon bow is sewn to the side. On the reverse side, under the pocket, the animal is hidden from the application from the old T-shirt, the pocket is closed with velcro. Rings from an old toy, which can be nibbled, and bags with plastic eggs are fastened on the ribbons below — a little buckwheat is poured into the eggs. The grits in the eggs are booming, which allows to improve the sound perception. Different texture of the fabric allows the child to develop tactile perception.

I hope my experience will inspire you to create your unique and unique toys. As they say, there would be a desire, the rest will follow.

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