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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Decorating a children's room with a genuine children's furniture brand

Safe children's furniture is very important and that is definitely something you should pay attention to when you start with you decorate children's room. I am currently working on the nursery and I notice that there are big differences between children's furniture. Sometimes you tend to go for cheaper products, but often the children's furniture of good brands is better. They will be slightly more expensive, but will last a lot longer and that will get you out of the cost in the long term!

Safe children's furniture aimed at children

It is extremely important that the quality of children's furniture is good, so that they can take a beating. In addition, the material is also important. For example, solid natural materials such as wood are better than furniture made of plastic. This is because dangerous substances can sit in plastic.

Another very important criterion for children's furniture is the safety of the furniture itself. If you are going to decorate your nursery, pay attention to sharp corners at the furniture. Good children's furniture has rounded corners and is made of sturdy material, so they can also stand firmly and / or can be attached to the wall. Really good children's furniture brands meet all these important points.

Design a trendy nursery with design furniture from Sebra

A very good, fun and special children's furniture brand is Sebra. Sebra makes children's furniture, accessories, toys, baby nests and so on. Everything in a beautiful Scandinavian style, of super quality and also mega unique.

Think for example of crocheted and knitted cuddly toys, rugs and pull toys. They also have designs that you will not easily see anywhere else. I love that very much! Sebra is a brand for children's stuff that you would love to decorate your children's room with. Why? Because everything is made especially for children.
This not only means that it is fun for your child, but also safe and secure. For example, most furniture and items are made of cotton or wood, the furniture has rounded corners and everything is child-friendly.

Children's room inspiration

Believe me: I know better than anyone that organizing a nursery is not a job that you just do. Or you have to be a seasoned interior designer. There is so much available in so many different styles that it can be difficult to determine what you want for your child right now. I have some tips for you to come to nice nursery inspiration:

  • Look at Pinterest!

    Pinterest is a great medium for super fun ideas and inspiration. Pin everything you like on a plate and see what you really like about your little one.

  • Find out which style you like

    Thanks to Pinterest, I found out that the Scandinavian style appeals to me. Now that I have found out here, that is really a relief. I can now search more specifically, for example at Flinders where they sell nice and trendy children's furniture brands.

  • take your time

    Sometimes you just have to run into fun stuff, or you suddenly come across great inspiration. Do not just take the time, but also start on time!

Are you going to decorate your nursery then take your time and only buy when you are absolutely sure, the anticipation is just as fun!

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