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Editor'S Choice - 2019

We won

I was expecting a second child and was 100% sure that I would breastfeed the baby for a very long time, at least up to a year. I fed my milk to my eldest daughter for only 5 months: because of my inexperience and because I had difficulties, I just became helpless. But now it seemed to me that problems simply could not be.

But fate has prepared for me a lot of unpleasant surprises. It was the third day after discharge from the maternity hospital, and then I realized that my baby was not getting enough. With one hand, I pressed my crumb to me, and in the other I held a bottle with the mixture. Tears rolled down my cheeks. My husband and the eldest daughter looked at me with wide eyes and did not know how to help me. Mix while we replaced one feeding. But then the next blow was coming, which was even more painful than before. I ended up in a hospital with a high fever, and moreover I was prescribed antibiotics.

I thought that nothing would save my lactation. At first it seemed to me that life just stopped, a terrible depression began, but I pulled myself together and decided to fight. After consulting with my doctor, I learned that the antibiotics that I was prescribed did not prevent breastfeeding, and the doctor also allowed me to go home for the night. But during the day I did not miss the opportunity to “fly off” home to feed my precious child. Each husband came to the hospital for expressed milk and, if possible, drove me home for a while. I understood that I just needed contact with my baby. When the long-awaited day of discharge from the hospital came, my daughter and I did not part more for a minute, breastfeeding became for us the most important thing. And we won!

I fed my baby up to 1.5 years. Of these, the first 6 months only with my milk. Now I know for sure that patience and love can work wonders!

I wish all moms health, love and patience! Never be disheartened. And you will succeed!

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