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History of weight loss: from 114 to 68 kg. Victory over weight


Since childhood, I have been quite a plump child, or rather, I began to grow fat from the age of 9. I grew up without a father, and to brighten up the life of poor "orphan", my mother fed me sweets - I still remember how we rode the popular tram then wholesale food markets and packages bought Danish rolls, muffins, chocolate and other sweets. Another impression from childhood - with her in summer camp, my mother gave me a huge "shuttle bag" with sweets, so that I would not go hungry.

Of course, I could consider that problems with my weight are due to heredity (this, by the way, is the most common position among fat women), but it is obvious that their cause is completely wrong and downright destructive eating habits. In varying degrees, they are characteristic of all those suffering from obesity: someone used to eat any dish with bread, someone in order to save eats mainly pasta and potatoes, someone does not think of the evening without having to have tea with cookies. These same habits and unhealthy diet are the cause of excess weight, however, it all became clear to me just now.

So, by the 11th grade, I weighed about 100 kg with a height of 173 cm. I can’t say that it somehow had a disastrous effect on my life - I was always a leader both in my studies and in extracurricular life, I had friends young people, but, of course, life could be more fun if I were "like everyone else." Attempts to lose weight were sporadic, I tried even Thai pills, but none of my weight loss campaigns were particularly successful - I either didn’t lose weight or didn’t hold the result.

The first stage of losing weight

At the end of the third year of the institute, it was in 2005, I learned that people in the West have long lost weight not on low-fat, but on low-carb - low-carb - diets. The diet with such diets is very different from the traditional menu of losing weight - after all, fats and proteins are not limited at all. Thus, it is possible in unlimited quantities to eat fatty fried meat, poured with mayonnaise, and lose weight.

The point of the diet is that if the body consumes fats + proteins + carbohydrates, then it is much easier for them to break down carbohydrates (they are split by saliva), and the fats that enter the body are deposited. If carbohydrates are not consumed, then the body you want - you do not want to have to break down fats, and not just eaten (they are new to the body, alien and difficult), but already stored in the sides, "adapted" for your body.

I decided to make another attempt to lose weight, and June 1, 2005 - the day of my first wedding - was the first day of a new lifestyle. I started my path to harmony from 114 kg.

I didn’t have any external stimulus to lose weight - my husband married me fat and even loved me for the first year of marriage, I still had everything beautiful, and it would seem that there were no prerequisites for changes. Just a low-carb diet seemed so elementary that I wanted to try to change my diet out of interest - the benefit of any special feats from me was required.

The basis of my diet was meat in any form (fried, boiled, stewed, baked, kebab, grilled) - beef, pork, veal, lamb, poultry; meat offal; Fish and seafood; sausages, ham, sausages, sausages; cheese - hard, cottage cheese, melted; eggs, butter - creamy and vegetable. Permitted drinks - tea, coffee without sugar, soda without sugar, mineral water. Alcohol is also allowed - dry wine, champagne brut, vodka, tequila, cognac, rum, whiskey.

These products can be supplemented with vegetables: cucumbers, celery stalk, sorrel, zucchini, lettuce leaf, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, green beans, seaweed are allowed to eat. Pickles are allowed - pickles, tomatoes, sauerkraut, garlic, peppers. The only permitted fruit is a lemon, a berry is a cranberry. Well, quite a bit and with caution you can use cottage cheese, sour cream, tomatoes, olives and olives, eggplant, Bulgarian pepper. Food is allowed to fry, salt, pepper, pickle, smoke, in general, any treatment that does not introduce carbohydrates into the food is allowed.

Absolutely prohibited any flour products - dough, bread, "diet" bread, pasta, sugar, any cereals - rice, buckwheat and others, chocolate, potatoes, beets, carrots, peas, corn, all fruits and berries, juices and sweet soda, nuts, dried fruits, yoghurts, curds, ice cream, any sweets, sugar, honey.

My sample menu for the day was, for example, like this: coffee with cream and scrambled eggs with a pair of wieners and a few pieces of cheese for breakfast, borscht and a piece of meat in French under a cheese and mushroom cap with boiled broccoli for lunch, julienne and fried chicken breast on dinner. Snacked pieces of cheese, sausage, cottage cheese.

Such a menu did not cause any difficulties - in any restaurant there are always low-carb dishes, even in university canteens I chose the right one without any problems. The number of meals is not limited, respectively, the feeling of hunger, I did not feel and could eat at least before bedtime. The only inconvenience is that there are no purchased sweets, but I learned how to make a wonderful creamy ice cream on a sugar substitute, low-carb pancakes on almond flour and many, many other desserts, and just cottage cheese with cream, cranberries and sugar substitute perfectly satisfies the desire for sweets.

I have never been sporty, so now, in the process of losing weight, I did not have any physical activity. However, the extra weight melted away before my eyes - in the first week I lost 7 kg, in the first month - 14. When I returned to school after the summer holidays, the whole course had only one topic for conversation - my new figure. In the end, in six months I lost 41 kg and began to weigh 73 kg and wear the 44th clothing size.

Since such a diet does not limit fats and proteins, the skin does not overdry and does not lose elasticity. In fact, I have only those stretch marks that I have gained with weight gain, and there are no new stretch marks for weight loss. Of course, it is impossible to completely remove them, but the simplest moisturizers with regular use give excellent results. And, of course, we must remember that the skin pulls up with a delay of 2-3 months after volumes fall. An excellent effect for smooth skin and anti-cellulite also provides anti-cellulite massage - both independent and professional.

Transition period

However, my struggle with weight did not end there. Like all thinner, I was faced with the most difficult task - how to keep the weight. I managed it with varying success, my weight jumped back and forth in the range of 5 kg: then I won a victory, then he. In my head sounded two voices - one very much asked the sweet, and the second scolded for this desire.

I held the weight until 2010, but after the second wedding I capitulated, and the fat won. My weight inexorably crawled to a three-digit number, and I reassured myself that I know a great way to throw it off and at any time take the situation under control. Happy measured family life disposed to cozy evenings behind a cake and pastries, the husband loved me everyone, and I did not worry about weight.

My final victory over fat

By 2012, I again weighed a hundred, or more precisely 104 kg. And here a rethinking of the situation took place. No, there was no incentive again, just at some point I realized that as long as there were cakes and pasta in my life, I would never look like a model. And so the diet as a temporary action and the idea (which, by the way, is characteristic of the majority of losing weight) "Well, nothing, now I’m going to limit myself, I will lose weight, but then I’m going! - Vicious, this is a notorious loss. I realized that you just need to take and change your diet - not temporarily, but forever. Of course, for the rest of my life, I chose low-carbohydrate as the food — after all, it was already familiar to me, easy, comfortable, and I knew that it brings excellent results.

At the same time, in February 2012, a friend asked me to tell her about that wonderful diet, on which I lost weight in 2005. I told her that just now I had to turn to this diet again, and we could lose weight together for a sporting interest. So there was a sign on the Internet, where every Sunday we filled our new - all decreasing - weight.

Soon we were joined by our other friends, the tablet grew, and in March in one of the groups on the social network, I left a comment that you need to count not calories, but carbohydrates. I’ve got hundreds of messages in my drawer asking me to explain how to count carbohydrates, and most importantly, why? This is how my internet project on carbohydrate-free nutrition appeared. I painted the basics of this diet, developed the principles of results accounting, to maintain team spirit and competitiveness, advised those who want to lose weight.

Now working in a group takes almost the whole day - after all, I need to answer all the questions of newbies, and cheer up already experienced losers, and summarize the results for the week, and combine new photos of our heroes from the “before-after” series, and lay out new carbohydrate-free recipes . My husband fully supports me (by the way, he also eats without carbohydrates) and created a website to automate my work, which we are now building and refining. Of course, this is a huge step forward compared with a group in a social network.

And what about my weight loss? In February 2012, I weighed 104 kg and in one and a half year I did not eat a single prohibited product. Moreover, the ugly inner voice has never asked anything forbidden, and I am sure that it will never ask again. Now I myself am the mistress of my food, and it is very nice and not at all difficult, you just had to realize it.

In May 2012 I already weighed 89 kg, but then a pleasant event happened - it turned out that my husband and I were waiting for the baby. Meanwhile, it did not affect my diet at all. Many girls, who did not even have problems with weight before conception, relax during pregnancy, believing that “the baby cannot be denied of anything” and that now “it is necessary to eat for two.” This is completely wrong, because cakes, potatoes and pasta do not bring any benefit to the child, and the extra weight of the mother can be harmful.

That is why my diet did not change during pregnancy, I still limited carbohydrates, the doctors at the district maternity clinic praised my conscience and encouraged me in every way. I was going to give birth to Agnes in February 2013 with the same 89 kilograms of weight, now I weigh about 68 kg. I hope to lose another ten and “pull up” the body a little with sports. And helping losing weight is a matter of my life.

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