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Editor'S Choice - 2019

Milk massage for babies: what is it?

Milky age - milk skin

Indeed, in the first days of life, milk for a child is practically all that he needs for harmonious growth and development. No wonder there are so many warm "milk" expressions related to the baby: milk skin, milk age, milk teeth.

Knowingly everything that includes the word “milk” is associated with tenderness and gentleness. So you want to surround your crumbs with milk care! And if the solutions are more obvious with feeding, is it possible to take care of the baby’s skin as well?

Green Lab little - milk rivers in the world of cosmetics

Meet the useful children's cosmetics Green lab little on milk! Scientists confirm that cow's milk helps strengthen the skin's lipid barrier and cares for it. The best care for 0+ is simply not to be found.

Additional benefits Green lab little bring perfectly balanced natural ingredients, such as, for example, chamomile, string, lavender, lemon balm, which fill the baby’s delicate skin with just good.

In the last article, we introduced delicate dairy-care products to readers. Green lab little - Milk and cream-foam, and today we will talk about massage oil - in a special solid form!

Unique! Solid massage oil Green Lab little

It is always nice to combine business with pleasure, especially when it comes to caring for your baby. Baby massage - just such a thing. Proper baby massage improves the immunity of the child, helps get rid of colic, makes sleep more long and quiet, stimulates the metabolism and, most importantly, makes your baby happy!

It is best to do a massage in the morning: an hour before feeding or one hour after. Massage the legs, arms and back with light movements, and the tummy should be ironed strictly in a clockwise direction.

In order for the massage to be not only attractive, but also useful, it is important to have a proper moisturizer that ensures easy gliding of mother's hands and gently nourishes the skin of the baby. Solid butter Green Lab little with vitamin E - a real find. Comfortable shape and melting texture allows the oil to be easily absorbed and not spread. Lactic fatty acids deeply soften, nourish and moisturize the skin, increase its protective properties and relieve irritation.

A whole shelf of dairy care!

In the line of useful children's cosmetics Green lab little There are not only child care products, but also bath products, so you can easily assemble a whole dairy shelf for your baby. A bright sunny packaging with a cute cow and a lid in the form of a green leaf will not allow Green lab little get lost in the bathroom or nursery.

Green lab little - the perfect dairy care for dairy age!

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