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Breastfeeding or mixture? Or maybe a nurse?

Could not breastfeed? Do not rush to transfer the baby to artificial feeding. There is another way - a donor milk bank.

Donors rush to the rescue

A couple of centuries ago, representatives of the upper classes were forbidden to feed their children with their milk. Similar was considered obscene. The presence of a wet nurse was mandatory for a noble family. But sometimes maternal instinct took over, and the ladies of the world neglected propriety, shocking high society.

Today women are surprised to be in a hurry to wean a child from the breast or refuse to put it at all. But what if, for objective reasons, there is no lactation? It is possible to transfer the child to artificial mixtures. Or contact the donor milk bank. But is there such in our country?

Milk from the pot

Officially registered banks of donor breast milk in Russia yet. But in Europe there are more than 180. There is even the European Association of Milk Banks. "Contributions" are made in the form of donations, that is, free of charge.

Earlier in some large Russian cities milk collection centers existed at maternity homes. Now almost all of them are closed. But the tradition of mutual aid among young mothers is still alive. "Milk banks" are beginning to revive.

Who gives milk? First of all, women with hyperlactation. After all, some after childbirth accumulates from 500 ml to 1 l of milk per day - in addition to what their babies eat.

Some offer their milk for free, others for money. The price of 1 l of milk in Moscow reaches 1000 rubles.

Invaluable benefits

Why, with an abundance of formula for artificial feeding, to look for donor milk? Doctors are sure that female milk is still more preferable for babies than industrial mixtures. It is absorbed better, it maintains an ideal mineral-protein composition, less risk of necrotizing enterocolitis in a child.

Pasteurization of expressed milk minimizes the loss of its beneficial properties. Only a fraction of the vitamins and some immunoglobulins leave. Experts believe that the impact of donor and "native" milk on the body of the baby is about the same.

Especially premature babies need such help. Pediatricians concluded that only breast milk can be given to infants with extremely low birth weight. Hence, the demand for it will grow!

Feyskontrol for the nurse

You decided to find a baby dairy mother? Consider a number of criteria.

The difference in the age of your baby and his dairy brother (sister) should be no more than two or three months. In this case, the composition of the liquid is optimal. If the nurse's child is much older, the milk will not fully meet the needs of your baby.

Age criteria for mom donor does not exist. But a lot of requirements for the state of her health. She must provide a certificate of the absence of chronic and infectious diseases. Contraindications: exacerbation of infectious diseases, smoking, use of nicotine preparations, alcohol.

If a woman has undergone blood transfusions, tissue or organ transplants, body piercing or tattoos in the past year, her milk is no good. Donors among vegetarians, mothers who regularly take medicines and those who have been treated for oncology for the past five years are not welcome.

Expert: Vera Goncharova, AKEV consultant, pediatrician of the highest category, WHO / UNICEF national teacher in breastfeeding, Zelenograd

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