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Skin on skin contact of the baby with dad in the first weeks

What your baby would like most after birth is nice with his bare skin against your naked skin. Wonderfully warm and cozy. Nowadays, as a rule, mothers do this more than fathers because they breastfeed, for example. But a nice one skin on skin contact of the baby with daddy is also very important. Not only does your child enjoy this, it is also good for the mutual bond and for fathers themselves. Read more about the essential importance of skin on skin contact with the baby with dad. Time to take off the shirt!

What is skin on skin contact?

Before I go over to all the advantages, it might be useful to know what skin means to skin contact. Although you can probably guess it. In the case of skin on skin contact, your baby is lying against your bare chest with bare skin. The baby should not be wrapped in a cloth, he or she can of course use a diaper. If it is cold you will put a blanket over your baby and yourself. Keeping your baby in his bare body against your bare body is also called pouching or kangaroo.

Benefits skin on skin contact of the baby with dad

There have been many studies on the importance of skin on skin contact. For example, a study by the University of Singapore showed that father and child benefit from skin to skin contact. Children who, after birth, were directly confronted with daddy's body, wept less, became calmer more quickly and relaxed earlier.

It also made a big contribution to the bond between father and child. Another big advantage is that babies cry less when they have skin contact with the mother after skin, also with the father.

The benefits for the fathers do not lie either. Spending more quality time with your baby in the form of skin on skin, reduces stress and anxiety in fathers and communication with the baby is better.

Other advantages:

  • Body temperature is more stable (even in babies born prematurely).
  • The blood sugars are stable.
  • Breathing and heart rhythm of the baby is better regulated.
  • Breastfeeding is easier.
  • Your baby develops a better sleep pattern.
  • It reduces pain in your baby for example from the heel prick or colic.

Skin on skin contact baby until when?

Immediately after birth skin on skin contact between baby and dad or mommy is very important. Let your baby immediately lie on your or your partners breast for over an hour. After that it is still important for the first few weeks to carry your baby with you for an hour with you throughout the day. Also do this especially if you are breastfeeding and let dad cuddle your baby in bare chests at other times.

If the first weeks are over, you can of course continue. There are bodies that indicate that it is good to pamper your baby up to 3 months old, 3 times a week an hour or two with delicious skin on skin contact.

Bond between father and baby

Fathers (or maybe the mothers) can sometimes worry about their attachment to the baby. Especially when a mother breastfeeds, the father can feel a bit like an outsider. And let's be honest: some fathers do not have that much with babies yet. Yet it is very important to work as a father on the attachment with the baby. There are several ways to strengthen the band.