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Editor'S Choice - 2019

Love letter - what could be more beautiful

Love letters were written by Tatyana Onegin, Napoleon - to Josephine, comrade Sukhov - to dear Ekaterina Matveevna. I am deeply convinced that cavemen made cave paintings to declare their object of passion to love: they say, look how good I am — they scored a mammoth and found a cave where we can settle with you and the beast that was killed ...

In fact, all of us in school years either received or wrote illiterate notes of exemplary content, "I love tibya."

Now, unfortunately, such a simple thing as a love letter has long been forgotten. Well, tell me, how do they now explain themselves in love? At best - either blushing and mumble, or giving a ring and a bouquet of roses in a restaurant, and most often with the help of SMS.

Well, where is the notorious romance, where is that mysterious flair of tenderness and passion? Even on Valentine's Day, instead, it is only slandering the message of a mobile or regular e-mail with a standard valentine.

But it has not yet been invented the best means in order not only to confess the love of their passion, but also to make a confession a wonderful gift for any holiday! In addition, a love letter will serve a pleasant and useful service if you send it ... to your own husband. What could be more romantic?

Benefits of a love letter in comparison with other gifts:

  • in a romantic confession, you can say that you are embarrassed to say out loud;
  • your loved one will be touched and shocked, whether he is a programmer, an electrician, or the CEO of a large holding;
  • He will keep your declaration of love where more carefully than other gifts;
  • This message will be another evidence of your relationship for many, many years. I bet He will reread it many times;
  • this is practically the only case where you can achieve from your beloved what you have been asking for a long time and tediously with just one phrase. For example: "My dear Bear! Do you know how dear you are to me, how I miss you every time you linger ..."
  • the message will teach Him to appreciate you, and to treat you as a woman who can surprise.
  • Finally, a love letter - a unique gift, prepared with the greatest tenderness for your loved one. Only he will have such a gift!

A love letter is a compliment. This is an expression of sincere joy, tenderness and deep affection towards another person. Make a compliment to your beloved, and let him once again feel pride and happiness because he has you! You will see that no other, even the most exotic and expensive gifts will be as valuable to him as the letter you wrote for him!

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