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Editor'S Choice - 2019

Believe in yourself and your baby!

We consider our experience of GW solid - a full two years! And we would just like to tell our story: how it was and is so far ...

Immediately after giving birth, my crumb was not attached to me, but it was not carried away, I constantly saw him. As I later suggested, this was probably due to entanglement, although we shouted almost immediately ...

Once in the ward, I began to constantly put the baby, although it was very painful, but each of us performed our role in this vital process. I patiently overcame pain and discomfort, and the baby squeakily smacked and sucked on his chest, each time becoming stronger and more experienced.

When the next day I was told that we had lost too much weight, but not more than the norm, we made the assumption that, probably, the baby does not have enough milk and needs to be fed. I was upset and immediately grabbed some extra food, which I later regretted. But I did not give up, constantly applied to my chest, stretched my chest in breaks myself. And on the day of discharge (for 4 days) I got milk. And more! But for some reason everyone around was saying that the child did not have enough, and it was necessary to decant and feed them. And how not to enough? If I leaned over to the baby, milk flowed like a river over me!

In such ordeals and rushing between GW and the mixture, we stayed for 1.5 months. And then I decided that I did not want to feed the baby with the mixture, especially since I did not like the taste to myself!

I stopped listening to everyone around, and began to listen to myself and the baby. And what conclusions I made for myself.

If there are no medical indications, the baby and mother are healthy, there should be enough milk. It’s just that in the beginning the child doesn’t know how to pull out the milk (I myself felt my baby just take the milk out of me), i.e. the child needs time to learn to eat, but while he is learning, you need to apply more often (training and training again).

Do not listen to stories that the child should not suck more than 20 minutes! How much he needs, so much and let sucks. At the very beginning we could hang on our chest for 40 minutes, and now we cope in 10 minutes.

I never decanted, except for lactostasis, which I had three times during the entire feeding period.

No need to rush to supplement, especially in the hospital. I think that all these feeding-time tortures are just a mockery of children, the baby does not understand why mommy does not want to feed him now, when he needs it so. In addition, each baby feeding can eat a different amount of milk. And this is at the same feeding time. And with a harmonious HB, a calm mother and a well-fed baby, the feeding regime is produced by itself, naturally. And mommy can safely plan their time.

The first two months, I stubbornly did not take my son to sleep with me, got up at night and fed, and in the afternoon I looked like a squeezed lemon. As soon as I began to put the baby with me and feed him lying down, everything immediately got better, and I began to get enough sleep.

Of course, all my conclusions are acceptable only on the condition that both participants of GW are healthy and the baby is gaining weight (not necessarily 1.5-2 kg per month).

Now we are almost two years old (without one week), we are still on GW. We are going to throw, but gradually. During this time, there was everything: the stagnation of milk, and milk crises, and attempts to abandon milk by the son himself, and condemning the views of others. And the persuasion of the pediatrician that breastfeeding after a year is harmful! This is utter nonsense! After a year, feeding is not harmful, it is certainly not so vital, but very useful for both.

So if there is a great desire to give your baby this most valuable product in all respects, then do your best and you will succeed! The main thing is to listen to yourself and your baby, and not to the "good aunts on the street"!

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