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Editor'S Choice - 2019

Rest from the bustle of the city

Rest in warm countries or on the sea coast is, of course, very tempting and exciting, but sometimes I prefer all this to rest in the village where my grandmother lives.

Since childhood, mother brought me and my sister to my grandmother for the whole summer, but then I did not understand the whole charm of such a holiday. And now, when I have two little children myself, I enjoy going to the village for a month.

The village is located a few dozen kilometers from the big city, its population is somewhere around five thousand, and everyone knows each other. Here you can relax from the bustle of the city, breathe the fresh air and just enjoy the local beauty.

Last year my babies and I stayed here for a week. We went to the river, located a hundred meters from my grandmother's house, caught fish. And although our catch was 6 small fish, the pleasure was great. The children ran barefoot on the bank ... And they didn’t need any toys and sweets ...

A few days later we went hiking. For more fun, we brought along a few more children and a large company went to pick strawberries. The road was not very long and they made a halt on a small lawn. Kids chased butterflies and gathered berries, while my husband and I lay under a big tree and watched them in the camera lens.

Then we went to the pond to bathe, went to the gardens for the sweet cherry and just lay in my grandmother's garden with books. When I came home, I thought that for the whole week we had never watched TV, ate only natural products, I did not sit at the computer and did not talk on the mobile phone (I am not exaggerating!). And my kids came back from their holidays tanned, tempered and happy.

This year again we will go on holiday to the village. And even though we offered children a rest at sea, they unanimously said: "We are going to the village to see an old grandmother!" Well, in the village, so in the village! The last word is always for children.

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