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Editor'S Choice - 2019

Why Kirill?

I tiptoed over to my son’s bed. He slept quietly, sometimes wrinkling his little brow. My heart overflowed with tenderness and a feeling unknown to me before his birth. Mother's love. Native, favorite, tiny creature, a piece of me! I gently stroked my peach cheek, afraid to disturb the dream. "You are my bunny! We will always be together - you and me. Me and you. Because we are the two closest people on earth. I will never forget that bright moment when I heard your scream when the first time you were laid on my chest. And the name I gave you is beautiful Cyril. It means "Lord, Lord". But I learned about this much later. "

I was 18 years old. Young, carefree, direct girl. That day I was at home, which in those times was a rarity. With a bored look, switched channels on TV. My attention was attracted by funny cartoon characters. A funny adventurer pig Nyushka, clumsy and adventurous little cub Andryushka, and ... the smallest of friends clever, reasonable big-eyed little crow Kiryushka. In one of the scenes of the cartoon Nyushka, turning over his fat little legs and without noticing how her pink dress snarled, shouted cheerfully and mischievously: "Kirill, Kirill ..." Voronenok, in response, carefully looked at her and asked: "What happened, Nyushka? " I remembered this little cartoon chick for many years, especially its bottomless brown intelligent eyes.

Time went by. I was getting ready to be a mom. When the ultrasound determined the floor, there was a question how to name the boy. Having connected all my friends and acquaintances to this important matter, I listened to their proposals and immediately rejected them. Eugene. Fedor, Sergey, Philip ... It's not that! Having decided that I would name the baby when he was born, I calmed down and waited for our meeting with him.

But once before the birth I had a magic, one might say fabulous dream. In the sunlit room I saw myself and a one year old child. Having opened her arms, she said in a tender and loving voice: "Well, let's go! Let's go!" And the peanut stretched back his plump hands to me, trying to make his first steps. Careful and not very confident. When he managed to take a few steps, and he was in my hands, I met his big, brown, currant-like eyes. I felt at the same time an amazing and indescribable feeling.

The next day, the image of the child did not leave me. With this memory, a happy smile involuntarily appeared on my face. His eyes. Eyes whom they remind me of? But who? For sure! They are as clean as that of a good little Kirill. Fantasy ... I know what name my son will bear !!

Kirill stirred in the crib, stretched. He smiled and looked at me with his big, brown framed black eyelashes. My favorite Voronenok Kirill!

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