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Editor'S Choice - 2019

Anniversary: ​​congratulations in verses and toasts to a woman, a man

Is the anniversary of relatives, acquaintances, colleagues approaching? It's time to stock up on congratulations in verse. They do not emphasize the number of years of the hero of the day, and many wishes will suit both women and men. With such a greeting, you will look decent and original on the holiday!

On the day of the anniversary I want to say
As much warm, kind words as possible
Heartily wish health
To surround the tenderness and love!
Let the cozy home be cozy,
Success and happiness always live in it,
Dreams come true from light dreams
And give joy to the best of the year!

Let the desires of the road
Beckoning, name is - and the dream will come true,
In the year of anniversary victories will be many
Waiting for prosperity, good luck in business!
Pep, energy, strength,
To go tirelessly ahead!
Let the seas and the summits be conquered
With a fair wind always let luck!

On this bright day - joy, good,
Flowers and anniversary greetings!
May tomorrow be better than yesterday,
And every moment becomes brighter!
Let the wishes of friendly words
Give the heart a lot of warmth!
Energy for many years
Happy dream fulfillment!
Health and pleasant, nice meetings!
Let the luck star,
To save energy and energy
And keep hope forever!

Today is a wonderful holiday - anniversary!
We wish, as always, to go forward
And to believe that every new day
Good luck and luck will bring!
Let any case argue -
Success and brilliant victories,
There will be no number achievements
For many long and happy years!
May life be joyous and generous!
And in this age of insane speeds -
Coziness and family warmth
From the heart to a glorious, bright anniversary!

Happy important, solemn, we congratulate!
Health excellent, wish you happiness
Prosperity so that life and success gave,
Always a great mood!
It was possible to achieve a lot by this date.
But the anniversary itself is a great beginning!
Let him give many brilliant victories!
Good luck great and happy years!

This day is a wonderful occasion
To sum up all over,
To further the road new
With optimism in life go!
Let success and prosperity be on the way,
Many bright, happy days!
Let the good memories
Leaves anniversary in the shower!

He became even more pleasant, comfortable house
In a bright and beautiful anniversary -
Joy and happiness so much in it,
Day today seems brighter!
Compliments, toasts and flowers -
May any moment be wonderful
Magical dreams come true
Surround tenderness and love!
Holiday inspiration will bring,
It is surprising to let him again and again,
To remember the whole year
Warmed heart kindness!

Let the toasts be congratulations!
How beautiful, bright anniversary:
All in a great, good mood
On the soul of this brighter!
Let the desires come true,
Gives happiness, joy moment any,
The warmth of the soul, attention,
Close understanding, love!
Good health, prosperity,
Cheerfulness, energy and strength
That victory is important and glorious
The coming year generously brought!

Happy anniversary! With a wonderful date!
With a bright, exciting, exciting day!
Be especially happy today -
May joy live in your house!
Energetic and optimistic
Stay for years
From the heart - a great mood!
All smiles give clear light
His kindness, great wisdom
And keep always loyalty to the dream!
Prosperity, wealth immodest
And health, of course, you!

Anniversary glorious date
The warmth of the words of the beautiful is rich,
For surprises, for joy, gifts -
Fill the glasses and glasses!
This toast is for good luck and happiness
Beloved cordiality, participation,
For energy, vigor and strength,
So that everything in life was only festive!

Gifts, bright flowers
And manifestations of kindness,
Confessions of relatives, friends
In a wonderful, glorious anniversary.
All for you and in your honor!
Thank you for being with us!
At this wonderful hour
We wish to become younger soul!
Let the dream come true
And kindness surrounds
Bear luck, happiness days
And they will be bright!

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