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10 tips on rompers

Every baby is comfortable in a romper all day long. That is not without reason because rompers are incredibly easy, comfortable and practical. If you are looking for new parents and fun buy rompers You will soon find out that these tiny garments are available in many shapes and sizes.
Which are suitable for your baby, what size should you have and when to use a long sleeve romper? We will give you 10 important in this blog tips about rompers give you a real connoisseur!

10 Tips about rompers! Use it to your advantage

  1. Small babies always in a romper instead of normal underwear

    For babies it is really better to put on a romper than a underwear with shirt. Big advantages of rompers are that they consist of one piece so that your baby never has a bare back or belly. This keeps your child warm.
    Other advantages are that they are easy to change with the handy push buttons on the bottom and keep the diaper in place.

  2. Do you already know why a romper looks like this at the shoulders? Then read this tip about stretching a romper.

  3. So you will always buy the right size rompers

    The baby size is equal to the number of inches of your baby. Newborn babies have size 50 to 56. A longer and larger baby therefore fits in a size 56 than a small baby.
    Is your baby very small because he or she is premature? Then your baby probably has a size between 44 to 48. If in doubt, you can always try to measure your baby! Read more about baby sizes here.

  4. Transshipment romper is easiest to wear

    Getting a romper can sometimes be a hassle. Therefore choose for transfer creams if your baby is still very small. A wrap over baby bodysuit is not completely closed. So you can wear it as a kind of jacket. First insert one arm into the hole of the sleeve, then pull the bodysuit under the body and insert the other arm through the hole. Then you close it and you're done.

  5. Easy to put on the romper over the head

    Put your baby down on a changing table. First make sure that the buttons are open at the bottom. Then you roll it up from the top. Then follow the following steps:

    1. Put the bodysuit on the forehead.
    2. Hold the back of the head with your fingers.
    3. Push the romper through to the neck.
    4. Get it over the face.
    5. Grasp 1 arm and push it (carefully) through the armhole.
    6. Grab the hand on the outside and pull the whole arm through it to the elbow.
    7. Lift your baby and pull the back down, grab the front and fasten the buttons.

    You do the same thing in the same way, but then you start at the bottom of the steps!

  6. Choose cotton rompers

    Cotton versions are the best material for your baby's romper. This material breathes and is comfortable. Polyester is not a good material because it does not breathe and often also rubs.

  7. Stretch material lasts longer!

    Do you want your baby to be able to wear a romper for a little longer than a couple of weeks? Then choose stretch material! This can last a bit longer and better maintain the fit.

  8. When a long sleeve romper?

    When to use a long sleeve romper? That actually depends on your personal preference. In winter there is always a sweater on the romper so you do not necessarily have to buy a romper with long sleeves. In fact, some parents find a short sleeve easier.

    In the summer you can, for example, opt for a long-sleeved romper because nothing is pulled over the romper. With a long sleeve your baby is protected from the sun while he or she is nicely airy.

  9. High-quality and cheap rompers Hema

    The Hema rompers are reasonably cheap, but of good quality and of cotton. In addition, they have incredibly nice prints and many different models. But you can actually buy rompers in lots of places, in principle it does not matter where you buy them, as long as they are made of cotton!

  10. Buy a bodysuit especially for fathers!

  11. Is your baby going to crawl? Choose a crawler suit

    A romper looks almost the same as a romper but this suit has long legs and is therefore well suited to crawl! You can also use a crawler suit as outerwear. A romper, on the other hand, is more undergarments.

  12. 4 rompers are sufficient for the first weeks

    The last of the 10 tips on buying rompers, but certainly not the least important!
    Do not go buy 10 rompers for your baby now. These will be too small again in a few weeks. Your baby can usually lie in the same romper for 2 days. To 3 to 4 pieces of size 50/56 you have enough. In addition, buy 3 more in size 56/62.

Have you already seen our baby marching list? You can download it here for free.

Do you have tips on rompers, let us know and we will put him in this blog!