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Editor'S Choice - 2019

My happy days

It was a long time and very recently! At dawn, early in the morning, when I opened my eyes, I realized ... What life was born in me. The one that many women dream of is looking forward to men ... This is my baby! My baby!

Early in the morning I called the antenatal clinic and made an appointment to see a doctor. At the appointed time, I came to the clinic. After the reception, I learned that my baby has been living in me for 6 weeks already. A week later I was already registered with the doctor!

My pregnancy proceeded safely. Toxicosis did not torment me, because my baby was taking care of me. Everything went as usual ... But after some time (and it was at 6-7 months of pregnancy) I had swelling. Of course, for me it is not scary, but for my baby it was not a very comfortable state. And the doctor decided to prescribe me a treatment, putting me in the hospital. I lay there for a week and then I was discharged. In general, since periods of swelling appeared and then left! In general, we won!

The most long-awaited moment of birth came. It all started early in the morning. I woke up at 4:30 with a feeling of pain in the very lower abdomen. I informed the nurse at the post (at that time I was already in the hospital, since I was already deadline). They called a doctor, he checked me, and they transferred me to the maternity ward.

All prenatal procedures are completed. It remains only to wait! Contractions went as expected ... So the time of birth has come! At seven o'clock in the evening my baby was born.

All doctors were very friendly and caring! I am very grateful to them! They put the baby on my chest, and I felt what happiness it was !!

And after 4 days I was with the baby at home, where our beloved father and grandparents were waiting for us!

It is such a happiness to be a mom!

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