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What is the best baby food?

The most important task that your little baby has is to grow. Grow in height and weight. Because by growing your baby becomes stronger and he or she can develop. To promote growth, your baby needs a lot of rest and your little one needs good baby food. You can choose between breastfeeding and bottle feeding. Read more about baby food and what the best baby food is for your little one.

Best baby food newborn

One of the choices you have to make when your little one comes into the world is: breastfeeding or bottle-feeding. This choice is entirely up to you. Sometimes people choose bottle-feeding because it is easier or because breastfeeding has unfortunately not been successful. And sometimes moms do everything to breastfeed. Whatever your choice, it is always the best. But if you want to know what doctors and nutritionists think is the best baby food for your little one, they will all indicate that breastfeeding is the best.

In breastfeeding are a lot of important substances that your child needs. Think of important antibodies that are exactly tailored to your child. How far they are in the development of bottle-feeding: it has not (yet) been possible to match all nutrients, antibodies and other workable substances from breastfeeding. This is because breastfeeding contains substances that are very specific to humans and the composition changes as the baby grows older.

Both the nutrition center and the World Health Organization label breastfeeding as the best baby food in the first 6 months. Of course you can breastfeed for more than 6 months, but especially that first half year is important. That said, of course, it is not wrong if you give bottle-feeding immediately after birth or after a few months. Because even with bottle feeding your baby can grow up healthy. Bottle feeding for infants is called infant formulas.

What is the best baby food 2018

Despite the fact that it is possible to replicate more and more, it has not been possible to fully mimic breast milk. That is why breastfeeding remains the best baby food in 2018. When we look at formula feeding, there is not one brand that makes the best baby food.

Before a manufacturer is allowed to place baby food on the market, it must meet very strict requirements as described in the Commodities Act on infant formulas.
Every bottle food you can buy on the Dutch market meets these requirements, whether it is an A-brand or a private label. That is why every bottle food contains the most important nutrients for your baby and the quality is very close to each other. So there is not one brand that really makes the best baby food, there is hardly any difference.

Compare baby food

The quality of bottle-feeding is therefore very close, but there are some differences. If you bottle your baby, there is not one brand that generally makes the best baby food for your little one, because it can vary per baby.
One baby can better against the diet of one brand and the other baby prefers a different brand. It is best to choose a brand that you feel good about. If your baby does not respond well to this, then you can switch to a different diet in consultation with the consultation office in order to choose the best baby food for your little one.

Please note that if you want to compare baby food, you do this in steps and not one day offering one brand and the other day a different brand. Your little one often has to get used to certain foods.

Best baby food for cramps

Almost every baby suffers from colic, that is because your little one's intestines are not well developed yet. It does not matter whether you bottle-feed or breast-feed: babies have (almost) always cramps. After about 3 to 4 months these are usually over because the intestines are well developed.

The best baby food for cramps is breastfeeding because it is the most natural food for your baby. In any case: if your baby has cramps because the intestines are not yet fully grown. In some cases there is another cause for the cramps such as cow's milk allergy. The symptoms are then not only cramps, but also spitting, diarrhea and sometimes even a growth retardation.

Cow's milk allergy is not very common, so do not start experimenting with food if your baby has some cramps. As said, every baby has cramps. Do you feel that your baby has very bad cramps and after 3 to 4 months are not over, then you can have the doctor examine whether your baby has an allergy. Always discuss this at the consultation office.

If your baby has a cow's milk allergy then you can switch to intensively hydrolysed bottle foods such as Nutrilon Pepti or Nutrasense.

If your baby does not have an allergy, the best baby food is breastfeeding. If you bottle-feed, there are special foods that may help to relieve the cramps. Almost all brands of baby food have special foods for cramps. Always consult the consultation office about what is best for your baby.

Best baby food jars

From the moment your baby is 4 months old, you can start with the exercise snacks. These are small snacks (often only 1 or 2 spoons) mashed vegetables or fruit and later also other ingredients. You can make the snacks yourself, but you can also buy baby food jars in the store.

There are also many rules for this baby food. Doctors and dieticians are often involved in the preparation of these ready-to-use jars. The jars are therefore quite healthy and good to give to your baby.The only drawback is that the food in the jars often contain mixed flavors.

If you start with the exercise snacks you can better offer 1 taste at a time so that your baby can get used to it. And of course it costs more. But in terms of health, the best baby food is not necessarily the food you make yourself. Change it a bit with each other and use the jars when you have little time, for example.