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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Tatyana Polyakova: you need to rest in the country!

Writer Tatyana Polyakova - the founder of the genre of the modern Russian adventure detective. And also - a big fan of holiday cottage!

Summer is a hot season for summer residents

In summer, the country house is filled with a whole symphony of sounds - voices, children's laughter, the sound of dishes, dogs barking. Birds sing, leaves rustle, bees buzz, attracted by the sweet smells of ripening berries. Life boils up, and along with it we are bubbling - we are cut off from everyday worries, submerged in the worries of country houses. Alas, it’s not always that we have time to stop and remember that holiday cottage is, first and foremost, a rest. And from the dacha duties can and should have fun! Let's take a look at how to find a place for small joys in the daily hectic business.

Popular fitness - weeding weeding!

Everyone knows that it is better not to wait for the weeds to think of themselves as the main garden and garden crop. But in fact, it is so difficult to force yourself to engage in weeding. This is a true labor of Sisyphus! There, where yesterday he plucked one blade of grass, today it can grow three. A good way out is not to perceive weeding as a separate Big Business, but to carry it out literally in passing, especially without being distracted from current tasks. Passing by - pick it up! Excess slope will be counted later when you try on a new swimsuit. It is important to involve all family members in this case (including the dog). Arrange the socialist competition! Throw off the weeds, each picked up in your pile, and in the evening solemnly award the winner with a wreath of wild flowers! Cottage must know its heroes!

Flower Garden - the best place for meditation

I love flowers. Roses of all shades bloom in my garden, and I don’t trust anyone to care for them. I am sure that every woman should have such a personal corner where everything will be arranged only to her taste, everything will depend entirely on her skills and efforts. A flower garden is the best way to help awaken our femininity. Caring for flowers is a meditative exercise, the results of which please the eyes and soul. I come to my roses when I want to be alone with myself, think about something important, give free rein to my imagination and fuel my creative mood. If you do not like to cut flowers and make bouquets of them, try to show imagination using dried buds. Of these, you can make sachets, blanks for the production of homemade soap, you can stock up for the preparation of medicinal decoctions or make a fragrant pastry billet.

Aromatherapy at their summer cottage

Do you know what smell has a truly magical effect on our nervous system? It creates a feeling of peace and security ... The aroma of freshly cut grass! Therefore, we arm (or arm our husband) with lawn mowers and - go ahead, after your portion of endorphins! Just remember that well-kept lawn, as in English films, is an extra bonus, not the main goal.

Every woman is a little witch in her soul

There is in the process of collecting herbs some ancient magical attraction. And even if you do not know how to distinguish a dandelion from a plantain, some herbs still need to be saved. Dill, parsley, mint, lemon balm, tutsan, currant leaves, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, lime blossom, chamomile - give yourself this luxurious bouquet for the winter! Gather the most beautiful herbs, dry them thoroughly and put in sealed jars. And on fresh herbs brew the most delicious tea in the world and arrange your country tea ceremony on the veranda. Friends will be delighted with such a tasting - besides, everyone knows that hot tea quenches thirst in the heat best of all.

Harvest year - but no hassle!

We are all, of course, waiting for the first harvest. But how many worries associated with the processing of berries, vegetables and fruits! Spinning indispensable compotes and jars of jam, you can skip all summer. I have long found a way out of this endless maze. Za-ro-ka! You can make jam and compotes from frozen berries - the difference is almost imperceptible, but how much time is released in precious summer days. And it is better to freeze the berries in portions so that they do not stick together in one unattractive snowball.

Getting water treatments!

In the evening, after a day spent in nature, it's time to do water procedures. Take the hose and go to the watering. Even from this, in general, a rather boring occupation, you can make a cheerful mess. Splash, jump, run, arrange salochki, let the cool water give your fun a special pleasure. The condition is one - no one should get off the water! Well, the beds with tomatoes, too, should at least get something.

Do not miss the summer!

"If we are late now, we will be late for the whole summer!" - So said the wise train from Romashkovo, and you should listen to his words! Let the cucumbers grown by you do not beat the world record and the carrot will not be put on the showcase as a role model, but you will inhale this summer with a full breast! Energize, talk with your family and prove to everyone and everyone that you can and should be able to rest in the most "hot" time for summer residents! Ride bicycles, walk in the woods, collect mushrooms and berries, bathe, if possible, arrange home performances and evening gatherings in the gazebo, invite guests, barbecue, cook ice cream and lemonade! Do not miss this summer!

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