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How to get rid of a headache, avoid colds and flu. 2 exercises

Proper breathing, which we talked about last time, is a necessary condition for restoring energy and getting rid of stress. After you adjust your breathing, the changes will begin to occur naturally. The next step you should take along the path to increasing your energy level is to learn to become aware of your own body.

How to get rid of a headache, prevent colds and flu

One summer when I was doing an internship in Wales, I discovered how to get rid of a headache. I lived in a beautiful house, off the beaten path, and worked at an aluminum factory. I spent my free time in contemplation and thinking about life. Unwittingly, he meditated.

During one of the “meditations” I felt the muscles of the head. I noticed that I can cut and relax them and that they cause my headaches. Relaxing my muscles, I got rid of a headache. Since then, my head has hardly bothered me, except for cases when I have had the flu or experienced vision problems. However, this happened quite rarely.

Then I began to work on developing sensitivity in relation to other parts of my body, especially the eyes and abdomen. He began to catch the first signs of tension in his eyes much earlier and was able to relax them in time, as a result, my eyesight improved. I learned how to keep track of tension in my stomach caused by overeating, stress, or negative emotions such as anger — this prompted me to learn about healthy eating and cleansing the body. In addition, it became much better to feel fluctuations in the level of my energy, which allowed me to more effectively manage it.

Many of us make the most of our intellectual abilities in our work and are so focused on what they do that they do not associate brain activity with the work of other organs.

How well you are aware of your body can be understood by assessing the degree of physical stress that you feel. Pain, tension and other symptoms of stress do not suddenly appear - these are the ways your body gives you feedback. For example, if you experience a severe headache, pain in the neck or shoulders, most likely this is due to the fact that for a long time you ignored the signals of your body, and now they have become so strong that you had to pay attention to them.

Your body will increase pain signals until you take action. Surprisingly, most of the physical symptoms can be eliminated by just paying more attention to them. Stress and stress disrupt the natural flow of energy and lead to the depletion of body resources. Under stress, your body works all day, exercising and overstressing the wrong muscles. As a result, you spend energy, and get tired and hurt at the end of the day.

Awareness of one’s own body is a step along the path to increasing energy levels. The better you feel the tension of your body, the easier it will be to get rid of it and restore the natural flow of energy. Additional benefits for your health will be:

  1. Elimination of the main symptoms of stress, the main of which is a headache.
  2. Early diagnosis of diseases such as cold and flu, and the ability to take early measures to get rid of them.

To increase the awareness of your body helps to perform breathing exercises. The more you practice, the better your mental and physical state will be.

Exercise: assessing the degree of awareness of your body

  1. Using a light abdominal breathing, pay attention to the sensations that you experience. Begin to analyze your body from the legs and gradually move the attention to the head.
  2. Focus your attention first on your calves and then on your knees, hips, pelvis, groin, buttocks, abdominal muscles, chest, back, shoulders, wrists, forearms, hands, neck, throat, head, eyes, ears, nose, and mouth.
  3. Pay special attention to the skull and the brain. See if you can discover something new.

By doing this exercise, you will discover where your stress is concentrated. It is in these parts of the body that the muscles will experience the greatest stress. By opening your “pantries of stress,” you can relieve headaches, neck pain, and other stress-related symptoms. Most often, stress is concentrated in the eyes, eyebrows, forehead, jaw, skull, neck, throat, shoulders and back.

Exercise: Storeroom Stress

  1. Find stress concentration zones, focusing on your back, shoulders, neck, head, skull, forehead, temples, and eyes. Mark any tension you feel. Do not resist him and do not try to get rid of him - just admit that it is.
  2. Whenever you feel pain, focus on this area and try to relax it. If you are not able to relax it with the power of thought, try to massage the place where you feel pain.
  3. In the first stages, you will often resort to using massage, but after practicing, you will be able to relieve tension with an effort of will. Having achieved a high degree of awareness of your body, you can focus on individual muscles and relax them.

How to improve eyesight and detoxify

So far, I have been talking about muscle relaxation. As a rule, in our body there are many muscles that we are not able to relax at will. Simply, we still do not feel so well our body to detect them.

For example, have you ever tried to raise one eyebrow? If yes, then you probably know that at first both eyebrows are raised simultaneously. This is because our brain is not accustomed to raising each of them separately. To isolate the muscles that will hold one eyebrow in place while you lift the other, you need to train your brain to activate the appropriate nerve connections. While practicing, you will gradually learn how to do it.

The same principle can be used to learn how to tune in to specific muscles of the body and relax them. For example, I learned to relax the muscles of the head, face, and even the eyes, which helped me significantly improve my vision. My farsightedness did not allow me to read without glasses for more than five minutes - I was beginning to experience tension in my eyes. Having learned better to feel the eye muscles and relax them, I was able to work for several hours in a row, and now I almost never have to wear glasses.

Another way to begin to become more aware of your body is to detoxify. This procedure allows you to restore balance in the body. There are many complex programs that are offered in various clinics - I tried a simple and universal recipe. For three days, eat only fruit. Fruits can be any, but you should eat enough of them to meet your energy needs. If you have a headache or feel weak, it means that you do not have enough energy and you should eat more. If you suffer from any chronic diseases, then consult your doctor before starting the procedure.

Detoxification not only cleanses the body, but also helps to feel better the fluctuations of your energy level. Your body will get rid of addictions and instinctively find what it needs.

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