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Preparing babyshower

Have you been given the assignment to organize a babyshower? Then you have a very nice and perhaps a bit tricky task. Especially if you have never had or experienced a baby shower yourself. But do not worry, in this blog you will get useful tips so that these prepare babyshower a piece of cake. And of course super nice!

What is a baby shower?

A baby shower is a tradition blown from America. Presumably it had already arisen in the past to give mothers all the necessary stuff so that they did not have to buy all of them themselves. In most cases, the expectant mothers receive gifts from the baby pack and that saves them a lot of money.

A babyshower will be organized towards the end of the pregnancy, around the 30th week of the pregnancy (not much later!). It takes an hour or two and usually takes place in the afternoon so you can have brunch, lunch or prepare a high tea.

Babyshower prepare and organize difficult? Not at all with these tips for a successful party!

What do you do on a baby shower?

If you are going to prepare a baby shower, you will probably have one big question: what should you do on such a baby shower? Well that is actually very simple: tasty, lots and a tad unhealthy food and the pregnant lady nice to spoil and give lots of gifts. That is the essence of the whole event.
It is a great opportunity to put all the favorite snacks from the pregnant on the table, only she will be very happy with that!

Original babyshower ideas

If you want to prepare a baby shower that has more content than food and gifts, you can still play fun games. Fun and original games that you can do during the baby shower:

  • Board game: Council what is in the box. You let the pregnant feel and guess what is in a box. You can put a bottle, teat, teether or other baby stuff in the box.
  • Expressing situations such as night food, putting on a romper, letting a farmer, etc.
  • A quiz with questions. You can think of these questions yourself.
  • Board game: Let everyone take baby photos of themselves, throw in a heap and guess which picture belongs to whom.
  • Decorating rompers: Decorating a white romper with waterproof pens and clothing paint.
  • Baby pictionary: Make cards with objects or other words that can be well drawn such as diaper, bottle, romper, hat etc. Make two teams and compete against each other.

Decoration at a baby shower

If you really want to prepare a top baby shower, do not forget the decoration! You can browse various shops for flags, confetti and balloons, but nowadays you can also order everything very easily online.

Online you can buy a lot of fun baby shower decorations. From balloons, to plates, cutlery, hanging decorations, ribbon and garlands. With a few clicks you have the most fun and original decoration!

Baby shower decoration package

Do you find it difficult to come up with babyshower to think about which decoration you really need? It is possible to order a babyshower decoration package online. Such a package often consists of flags, letter garlands, invitations, cups, napkins and balloons.

It seems super convenient, but often the quantities of the cups, for example, are too little. If you take your time and look around for example at Tuf Tuf, you will also encounter many fun things that make your baby shower extra special and unique. Think of a nice pinata, treats and other party items!