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Dating history: what ended the business verification

I want to tell our story and dating. She is romantic or unusual - to judge you. At the time of our acquaintance, I worked in the civil service in the audit department. My duties included checks of legal entities. And my present man was the director of one of the companies, the check of which I was then charged with.

At the time of the check, he was deeply married and happy, his son grew up, he had a beloved wife, and business was good. But in our country, any such verification cannot fail to reveal any violations, and at that time I counted fines totaling about 7 million rubles.

During the checkout, we communicated with him exclusively on work issues, always naming each other by their patronymic name, and did not make any inclinations towards each other. Often in conversations he spoke very tenderly about his wife, telling me with love and care about his son, about his successes at school. I also have a son from his first marriage, about which I also told him. We shared common problems, discussed how difficult it is to raise children, how many worries arise, but also how much joy their success brings.

The amount I counted for him is, of course, huge, and he filed an application with the court in order to refute the results of my check. Some time after the end of the audit, I quit my job with the civil service and got a new job. Periodically, he called me, consulted on issues of my previous work, clarified various points that he needed during court sessions.

I advised him, suggested what and how best to do. He often said that in gratitude for my advice he wanted to invite me to dinner, but these conversations and promises sounded for a very long time and were more of a polite gratitude than were similar to a guide to action.

So we talked for almost a year. Then he disappeared for three or four months - I honestly did not notice this. And then at the beginning of autumn he called. We chatted for a long time, I told him my news, problems, joys, and so I began to talk that only at the end of the conversation I noticed that I was talking without a word and only about myself. She asked: what is new with him? And then he told me that he had recently divorced, that his beloved wife had found a new man for himself, and he was in deep depression, he was very bad. He also said that the courts on my check with him are still ongoing, the hearings are postponed.

For myself at that time I decided that I don’t want to be a “vest” for him. And even if he called, having some plans for romantic communication, I don’t need it and it’s not interesting, because I will be just unpleasant with a man who, being with me, will continue to think about his already ex-wife. I also decided that I wouldn’t call him myself: he might think that I, having heard that he is now a free man, would hang on him with a dead weight.

On that I decided. Some time later, he called again, told me how things were in court, that his case still could not get off the ground, he said something else and at the end of the conversation very strongly suggested that tomorrow I should meet with my work and have dinner together. I agreed. So from time to time we started to see each other, go to dinner (he works not far), went to the cinema. I don’t remember the name of the film, but there was something about love, and he kissed me for the first time. It was like a thunderbolt, a shiver all over my body (it seems to be written in romance novels), but I really experienced it. Then he brought me to the house and we could not tear myself apart, kissing half the night.

I have not experienced such sensations for a very long time. By the time of our romantic intercourse, I had been divorced for two years and had forgotten how all this is done and what the sensations are. That's how it all started. We began to meet often, sleepless nights became the norm for me, we could sit in the car at my house for hours, chatting and kissing. Sometimes, however, over a cup of coffee somewhere in a cafe, we could have themed evenings on the theme of his ex-wife. I didn’t show that it was unpleasant for me, listened to him, nodded knowingly, told me about my experiences at the time of the break with my husband. But I also didn’t show him in any way that he was not indifferent to me, that I was gradually getting involved in this relationship, falling in love.

We understood each other perfectly, we were fabulously good together. At the same time, neither he nor I have ever told him anything about love. I was full of feelings, but I was silent like a fish. I wanted him to be the first to speak on this intimate topic.

Sometimes we took our sons, went somewhere for a walk, to the cinema, to the theater. I saw that my son is positive towards my lover. I really liked it. I was also very pleased with his son. Our boys calmly found a common language, because they have a small difference in age and many common topics.

During our communication, he never once reproached me that I had caused him many problems with my test, and partially ruined the business. He always jokingly said that those same ill-fated 7 million I will work for the rest of my life. It was going to fly, and I decided for myself that from June 1, I would move to live with my parents in my apartment. Still, for 32 years, and all no independence. I told my beloved about my decision, he supported me, but I didn’t say anything about my plans.

Closer to June 1, we somehow walked with him, and he asked permission to ask me a question. I, intrigued by his words, of course, agreed. And then I heard the cherished words: he asked if I would be against it if he moved with me in June. I, of course, stood up for a theater break for the view and answered him with a positive decision.

That's how we started living together in the summer. I finally feel loved and desired, every day spent with him is sunny and joyful for me. I caught myself on the fact that for half a year now I have fallen asleep and wake up with a smile. I love him every day, every day I thank God for giving us the chance to be together. I am waiting for him from work, I meet him, kiss, love and adore every day. And let it all continue for many, many years. I'm happy!

P.S. His case of my verification comes to an end, everything went well, he won the court of first instance, won the appeal, at the end of December there will be a cassation instance, but I hope everything will be fine. I also put a lot of strength to this - after all, his calm, success and well-being are now in my interests.

Thanks to everyone who read my story to the end. And heartily congratulate everyone on the upcoming New Year and Merry Christmas! Happiness and love to all of us in the new year, and who have not yet found their happiness, I wish him to meet him in the Year of the Horse.

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