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Pregnancy in crisis and third birth: mom's diary

It was 1999, the hardest year for our family. At that time, we had two children: a daughter and a son, in August of the previous year there was a default - the collapse of the ruble, they were starving all winter, they were baking fresh bread with flour. And in May, such a surprise - I got pregnant.

I admit honestly, at first they didn’t want a child - they were afraid of difficulties, even decided to have an abortion, but the doctors doubted, the term seemed to them more than the stated two weeks, they sent me for an ultrasound. The doctor turned on the sound, I heard the baby's heartbeat and realized that I could not give up the child.

Entries from my diary of that time.

19.07.1999. Hello, my tiny, dear. How do you? They say you are now the size of an apple seed, and maybe already with a small grape. It's so scary to doubt whether everything will be all right with you, my beloved, tiny. I know nothing about you, but I already love very much!

16.08.1999. You move! I was driving from work and I felt your first movement. From that day on every morning I woke up, put my hand on my stomach and listened to your jolts for a long time. What were these happy moments!

29.11.1999. My little, plump, big-headed! I first saw you on the ultrasound, my girl. Zemfriochka, hello, my miracle, our miracle ...

25.12.1999. Today I go all day, Zemfichka, I talk. I tell you what I bought you, just two hundred kissed your sliders and undershirts. Your dad, brother and sister look and rejoice with me. I'm sure you can hear me. I would rather have a month, I want to see you, take me in my arms.

23.01.2000. You are going to be born! I refused an ambulance, went with your dad to the hospital on foot. They were talking - it was a little scary. Before we went to the hospital, a star fell from the sky. They say it is fortunate. They made sure that everything was safe with you.

Childbirth began only the next day. Painfully? Yes, but quite tolerant. At 20 o'clock you were born, so pretty, cheeks - dandelions, weight 3926 g, height - 52 cm. Hello, daughter, the long-awaited!

Dad and older kids are happy. Dad always brought me a hot dinner, the nurse in the reference gave chocolates so that she immediately brought me a gear. Mobile has not yet been. Your elder brother had toy radios - they talked about them (by the way, the sound is great).