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Tips for better sleep in warm weather!

Being pregnant and sleeping: it is sometimes quite a task. For example, I have a lot of trouble with troubled legs. Sometimes I just wake up. In addition, it costs more effort to 'just turn around'. Finding a good posture with your pregnancy belly is in any case quite difficult. And now we have another new obstacle: the heat! Read tips here better to sleep with warm weather.

Good night's sleep is essential

It is very important for everyone on earth to have a good night's sleep. Sleep deprivation suffers from depression, poor concentration, poor productivity, short fuse and even overeating. We apparently eat something more when we sleep very little. A good night's sleep is even more important for pregnant women. Poor sleep causes poorer health and that has an effect on your child.

Annoying that just during the pregnancy the night's sleep leaves something to be desired. Read my general tips for better sleep and how to find a good sleeping position. Now that the weather is warm outside, sleeping is often even more difficult. For some reason we sleep people better at a temperature of 18 degrees and not at 30 degrees.
In order to ensure that you still get a little sleep, I have some extra tips for you to sleep better in warm weather.

13 Tips for better sleep in warm weather (during pregnancy)!

  1. Cool your sheets

    It may be a small intensive job (pick up bed when you are pregnant), but it helps a lot if you put your sheets in the freezer for a few minutes before you go to sleep. Do put a plastic bag over it! Do you only have a mini freezer? Maybe your pillowcase and only your cover will fit in? That may also matter.

  2. Open windows in the morning and in the evening

    Early in the morning and later in the evening it usually cools down nicely. If there is also a nice wind is that the moment to open all windows against each other. Do not forget to leave the lights above when you open the windows in the evening. Otherwise you will not be able to sleep through the mosquitoes.

  3. Jar with ice water

    Maybe you have already bought those jars for your baby? If so? Then you, as a mother, may now use them for a while. Fill the jug with ice water (or with plain water and put it in the freezer) and cool your knees, ankles, neck, groin, elbows or wrists.

  4. Nice shower

    Sleeping with your sticky, sweaty body is probably not very pleasant. Make sure you take a nice shower beforehand. Shower by the way not with cold water, that might feel nice, but your body will work hard after such a cold shower to get back to temperature. You may already guess it: you get warm again. Therefore, prefer a lukewarm shower.

  5. Keep the windows and shutters closed during the day

    When it is hot outside, so from 11 am to 8 pm, it is better to keep out the heat as much as possible. Keep the windows and doors closed. Do you have shutters, curtains or blinds: do it too! So it may be a dark intention in the house, it remains cool!

  6. Relax before bedtime

    You probably should not think of sports with this weather anyway, but if you want to exercise, do not do that right before bedtime. By exercising you become active again and that does not help you to sleep. Sport rather in the morning!

    In addition, it is also smart to ask too much of your brain for an hour before you go to sleep. So do not play intensive computer games, work behind the computer or watch too much on your phone.

  7. Make cheap air conditioning

    You do not have air conditioning, that is not necessary. If you put your fan in front of the window and put a bowl of water and ice for your fan, you have your own air conditioning! Have your fan rotate properly and do not aim at one spot.

  8. Cotton is the best

    Synthetic fabrics such as polyester are not good fabrics to wear or to have around you in warm weather (not even for bedding). Synthetic fabrics do not breathe for a meter, as a result of which they retain the heat. Therefore, opt for cotton! This substance allows air through and can well absorb your sweat.

  9. Drink a lot

    Make sure you drink enough at all times, especially now that you are pregnant. Just do not try to clock away liters of water just before you go to sleep because then you'll be back on the toilet every hour. Put a glass of nice cold water on your bedside table, so that if you are thirsty at night you have something refreshing to drink.

  10. Smear your cool

    I have not tried it myself, but it seems to be refreshing to rub yourself in at bedtime with an aftersun with aloe vera. A menthol stick can also work wonders. Smear this on your forehead for a cooling result.

  11. Keep your head cool

    Sometimes it helps if only your head has some cooling. Therefore, put a towel or washcloth in the freezer for an hour and put it on your head when you go to sleep.

  12. Down is cooler

    Heat rises, so you can sleep better down.

  13. Only sleep

    Probably your pregnancy pillow is your best friend, so why would you need your partner in bed? It only produces even more heat! It is really true: sleeping alone is slightly less hot than together.

Do you have any good tips for sleeping better in warm weather? They are more than welcome!