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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Baby Pumps: Bizarre shoes for your baby!

For a special occasion or for example a photo shoot, you want your baby to look the best. The choice of cute baby clothes is endless and there are also more and more accessories available. Think of beautiful hair bands, scarves and hats. Do you want to take your daughter's outfit to the next level? With the American brand PeeWee can you buy baby pumps!
You hear it right: chop for your baby. Specially made for mothers whose pumps are the most favorite shoes and who want to make their daughter make her first fashion statement.

Baby Pumps suitable for babies up to 6 months

The Baby Pumps are specially designed for babies up to 6 months old. Whether they are dangerous? The brand claims not. The pump is made of a soft and stretchable fabric that fits every foot. In addition, the heel is also made of soft fabric and you can simply bend it. It seems that your baby does not suffer at all, because she does not have to stand up.

Opposites against the pumps

The baby pumps have already caused a lot of dust. This is how opponents claim to be dangerous and also sexist. Does every woman have to wear pumps ?!
The founder of the brand, Michelle Holbrook, indicates that it is not meant to be sexist. It is more of a joke and not at all a specific statement.

Baby pumps in different colors and motifs

Have you become enthusiastic about the baby pumps, then you can take a look at the website. The pumps are available in the colors black, pink and red. In addition, there are various prints such as tiger print or zebra print. The pumps cost between 20 to 25 dollars, not expensive at all. They must come from America and most likely they will not be available in the Netherlands in the short term. We Dutch people may be too down-to-earth for that.

Order baby pumps?

Which can! Peewee Pumps simply sends baby shoes to Europe.
Do you want to sell Peewee pumps in your store? Click here on their website for more information.
Go directly to their webshop.

Watch this video too:

One since these baby pumps are quite pricey, babies will sometimes have to do strange things to get there, watch it here.