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9 weeks pregnant

The embryo has like you 9 weeks pregnant are already a length of 3 centimeters. This can be compared to a large raspberry and the weight is now 2 grams. From this week your embryo will become more and more a real person with a clear face, hands and feet. The sexual organs are also completely formed in the ninth week of your pregnancy. The tail that your child had is almost completely gone. From the end of this week your baby will no longer be called an embryo but a fetus.

The development of your baby if you are 9 weeks pregnant

  • Smile with all the trimmings

    The nose, mouth and eyes of your child are becoming more and more visible. The eyelids are also in the making. At this moment it is still membranes that are over the eyes. The ears are not yet visible, but are already being formed!

  • Body changes at 9 weeks pregnant

    When you are nine weeks pregnant your child will get elbows, knees, shoulders and hips. There are now clearly small hands and feet to see. These will be further developed from this week onwards. However, the fingers are now more clearly visible and your child has also received toe-toes. The bones are getting harder now and germs are being laid where later the teeth come.

The danger of miscarriage

In weeks 1 through week 9 of your pregnancy, the chance of a miscarriage is about 10%. From the moment you are 9 weeks pregnant, the chance of a miscarriage already drops by 3%. Most miscarriages take place in the first few weeks, when implantation often goes wrong. At that time to have a miscarriage probably has less effect on you than if you now have a miscarriage at 9 weeks pregnant. If you suffer from abdominal cramps, this can be a sign of a possible miscarriage.

Do you not suffer from abdominal cramps and that chance is much greater than everything still goes very well. Do you have a miscarriage unexpectedly, please do not feel guilty. You can not do anything about it. Certainly not when you have kept yourself to the right diet, have not drunk alcohol and have not smoked. Try to pick yourself up again after the miscarriage and try again. It can also help to talk about it or to read about other people's experiences.

Tell you that you are pregnant

From 9 weeks of age, the chances of a miscarriage become smaller and smaller. So you can consider already telling people. Usually most women wait until the first ultrasound that takes place around week 10 to week 12. At that moment the chance of a miscarriage is even smaller. It may be wise to indicate at work that you are pregnant so that your maternity leave can be scheduled on time.

Bloated and fuller

You may be in the 8ste week of your pregnancy already had some trouble closing your pants. This may be even more difficult this week. Your intestines are increasing, your uterus is now as big as an egg and you can also hold on to fluid. In addition, you will also have noticed that your bras are a lot tighter.

Other ailments

Women who are 9 weeks pregnant may experience the following ailments:

  • Faster a bloody nose;
  • Fatigue;
  • Big mood swings;
  • Common cold;
  • Constipation.

Do not worry if you notice some of the ailments mentioned, this is part of it because your hormones and your body are under way. Try to keep up with your daily routine as much as possible. In addition, make sure that you keep moving, even if you feel lethargic. Motion can just ensure that you get energy again.

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