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How to name a child? We select names by month

Astrologers believe that every month, except for the zodiacal and planetary correspondence, has certain arrangements of stars and moons, which in their own way influence a person’s fate, character and temperament. Probably, from here such typical expressions as "autumn child" or "July baby" went.

Knowing the approximate effect of months and seasons on the formation of a person’s character, parents can give the child an appropriate name. It may reflect the nature of the month: to give activity or, conversely, "calm".


The time when active, emotional and hot-tempered people are born. Hardened by frost, December children are distinguished by perseverance, which grows into stubbornness. It is best to choose the names of a calmer sound, with an abundance of sound and sizzling. Avoid sharp names and vowel combinations.


New Year is a great time to start a new, clean life. The January kids are distinguished by unchildren patience and poise. They quickly become independent and almost always achieve their plans. Names are suitable for them all. However, taking into account the fact that January is the winter month, give preference to softer, but “sounding”, regal names.


Here you will immediately notice the confrontation of character. In the first days of life, the children of February show the duality of nature. Their character is the confrontation of winter and spring. A riot of feelings and cold restraint, whims and patient waiting for the desired. Try to pick up soft and melodic names for February kids - this will somehow smooth out the inconsistency and unpredictability of their character.


The first spring month. Nature is reborn, being a virgin nature, surprisingly vulnerable and naive. Children of March are impressionable and romantic. They are distinguished by increased sensitivity and emotionality. Often they cry and laugh for no reason. Their names should sound spring-like beautiful and melodious. Choose names with lots of vowels and voiced consonants, avoid crowded and sizzling consonants. Emphasize the meaning of the name. Best of all, if the March name will convey the value of strength, aspiration, and even earthiness.


Despite the spring season, very practical people are born in April. In childhood, they are distinguished by perseverance and seriousness, with time passing into the hardness of character. The April boys are marked by courage. From the list of names, the children of April come up with fast-paced, sonorous and clearly sounding names - like a call to action. There is no point in choosing so-called soothing names, these people always know what they want, and there is no point in stopping them.


Already warm, slightly windy month. During this period, very powerful people are born. May children prefer to explore the world through the prism of their own perceptions. They do not allow strangers to themselves, do not perceive their opinion. In adolescence, May children do not want to look for compromises, but act only on their own. As a result, they have few friends, many casual acquaintances, but they are respected for their own unchanging opinion. Give May children more tender and tender names. Let them be soft consonants, even combinations of sizzling. The meaning of the name should form in the child a sense of responsibility, but by no means superiority over others.


Summer month, filled with greens and warmth. Children born in June are impressionable but mistrustful. They easily take risks when knowing the world around them. However, it is very simple to mislead them, therefore, as a teenager, it is desirable to protect the June children from harmful influence. There are no special wishes for choosing a name. The only thing - try to pick up a name with a variety of short forms, since your June baby will have a lot of friends!


The height of summer. The heat and the bright sun contribute to the emergence of dynamic, but cautious people. July children are selfish in their actions. They strive for independence, sometimes not yet having a good reason. Impatient people grow out of the children of July, rarely bringing it to the end. However, their independence convinces that they deserve quite uncommon rare names.


Energy and perseverance distinguish children of August. However, they are able to stop in time and think about the danger. In childhood, August kids are real strategists: they love romps, but before that they think out a plan to get out of them as a winner. Present the child of the last month of summer with a Slavic “royal” name. It should reflect the persistent nature of the child.


Despite the autumn depression, the September kids are very emotional. They are just an explosion of emotions - positive and negative. However, the people of September achieve the desired maximum in life. Set goals and go to them in huge steps. Also in school years. They trust people and therefore are accustomed to learn from their mistakes. The names of September are an abundance of sonorous, vowels and a combination of voiced consonants.


At this time, future entrepreneurs, businessmen and bankers are often born. October children in childhood are very inquisitive and active, which turns into practicality and enterprise in adult years. The children of October are able to clearly outline the face of what is available, and thanks to their wit they enjoy special love. Born in October, children spoiled, but brought up. Choose any name for your baby, but try to exclude flashy and loud options.


Month of summing up. Autumn mist causes children born in November to dive inside themselves. They especially need to wear lighter, "fresh" names, always with the meaning of light, heat and brightness. If you give a child a name that prompts him to action, gives him optimism and emotion, then you will bring up a successful and happy person.

Undoubtedly, every child is an individual. To predict the degree of his emotionality, activity or indifference to everything before his birth is very difficult. And in the first months of life, mothers and fathers sometimes are not able to understand what kind of character their baby has. For this purpose, astrological, social, psychological and other observations have been collected, allowing parents to predict events, influence the fate of a child, give him a beautiful name, a sea of ​​love and care.

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