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Editor'S Choice - 2019

Triangles from the front: "I do not need anything, I fight"

Dear grandfather, I am writing you a letter. It's been seventy-two years since you died, but the thought that my great-grandfather is a hero never leaves me. You were so brave! It is a pity that this cruel war took you away from us. I would like to see you at least once, to talk to you. I am very proud that I am the great-granddaughter of the Hero of the Soviet Union.

What to tell you, my beloved grandfather? I am in the tenth grade, I dream of becoming a journalist, I love to read. My favorite book "The Star" by Emanuel Genrikhovich Kazakevich. She is dedicated to the scouts who are closer than others to death, “forever in sight”.

A scout, it seems to me, has freedom, unthinkable in the infantry ranks, his life or death directly depend on his initiative, independence, responsibility. At the same time, he should, as it were, turn away from himself, be ready “to disappear at any moment, dissolve in the silence of forests, in uneven soil, in twinkling shadows of twilight” ... I read this book and imagined you, my dear person.

Often looking at your photos. From them a very handsome young man looks at me. According to my relatives, you were a sympathetic, cordial, caring and brave little boy. The girls stared at you. After all, it was impossible not to notice a guy with a strong sports figure, a pleasant smile and a kind look.

When the war began, you were called to the Red Army. I love to re-read your letters - "triangles", which did not often come from the front. In one of them you wrote in a clear, firm hand: “I have long missed home, I dream of our Gressovskaya street and you, dear father and mother. How are my sisters? ” The letters are affectionate, warm, and each is attributed: “I do not need anything. Fighting. "

I can not put into words what I feel when I read semi-erased pencil notes. Again and again I gaze into such native and unfamiliar features of your face. Now all these letters are preserved in school number three, which you graduated a year before the war, in 1940. In our house only a notice of your death remains ...

At one of the events dedicated to the war, I met your friend - Stepan Fedorovich Tansky. Do you remember him? He told me that you studied in the same school, you loved driving football and going to the dances. And when the war began, you went to the front together too - October 19, 1941. But at the transit point, your roads, unfortunately, diverged: Stepan Fedorovich was sent to Stalingrad, and you got to the south.

He also said that he went to your grave, to Ukraine. I also dream to visit her and someday I will definitely go to the village of Monastyrek, where you were killed. Of course, I will go to the village of Rzhishchev, Kagarlyk district, Kiev region. There, sixty-three soldiers and officers, as well as five Heroes of the Soviet Union and you, my beloved grandfather, rest in a mass grave. I want to see the people for whom you gave your life, to go to the grave, I wonder how they take care of it.

Much, grandfather, I heard about your feat. Everyone says that of all your comrades you were the most courageous and brave. At home I keep hundreds of articles, clippings, newspapers about you. But most of all I love to reread what is written in your award list. "Comrade Erokhin, fulfilling the mission of sending with a group of scouts, under the enemy’s machine-gun and mortar fire, first crossed over to the right bank of the Dnieper River and immediately went into battle with the German invaders, despite the fact that the enemy forces were five times superior to the group of brave heroes . Comrade Erokhin, enthralling his comrades with his example of courage and heroism, was the first to rush against the superior forces of the enemy, killed 12 soldiers and one officer in hand-to-hand combat, captured two Germans and sent them to the regimental headquarters. ”

Do you remember how you handed it to you? How to assign the title of Hero of the Soviet Union? Of course, I would like to hear all these stories from you, but, unfortunately, this is impossible. I can only read different articles, and one thing is common - you were a real brave and hero!

One of the streets of our hometown Novoshakhtinsk is named after you. When I walk through it, it seems to me that you are walking next to me, so beautiful, with a golden star on your chest ...

I am proud of you, my beloved grandfather! Be sure to tell your children about you! ...

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