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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Which cravings did you have during pregnancy?

A question I get very often is: do you have binge eating or strange cravings such as chips with whipped cream? Now I did not have any strange cravings (having a lot of sense in certain things), but in my first trimester I always had an incredible appetite for specific foods. What can or did you totally not resist during your pregnancy? And did you have strange combinations?

Eating, eating and eating in the first trimester

In my first trimester I was only busy with food. Even my husband noticed it. With every advertisement with food, the water ran into my mouth. 'Ohhh look at something nice!', I exclaimed. After the 4th time that evening, my husband rightly said, "I think you're in the mood for everything now". That was true. But sometimes I really wanted to do specific things for a couple of days.

In the 11th week of my pregnancy, I dreamed the whole week of tasty sandwiches with fried chicken, satay and chips. At one point I was fed up and I drove to the nearest Bakery Bart to get a sandwich. Later that week I got my husband (after a few minutes of nagging) so far away to stop at a Subway. Delicious!

Incredibly in blueberry muffins!

In the 12th week, I only wanted blueberry muffins. Everywhere I saw those muffins. But in the meantime I had weighed myself once and found out that there was 3 kilos more Rose. So I tried to hold back. Still, I continued to feel like it. I did not want any other sweet things like chocolate. No, I just wanted a blueberry muffin.

I never eat those things, never really. But because I had seen them once, I was incredibly excited about it. I told this to my husband and an hour later he came home with .... Chocolate muffins. Chocolate muffins! No! I wanted blueberry muffins! The poor darling. I did not show the disappointment, because two weeks ago it was those specific chocolate muffins (with white chocolate filling in them) that I longed for. That poor man just can not keep up. Of course I have just eaten the muffin.

Another thing I suddenly wanted was drop. No idea why, but I wanted to drop. In my mind I saw myself walking in the Jamin while I loaded my point bag with drop. Salty licorice, salty pretzels, dropfruit duos, salmiak drop, drop licorice drop. Delicious.

To be honest, I still have this need for liquor. It is also on my 'later-as-I-not-more-pregnant-am list'. I keep this list with things that I want to eat, drink or do immediately when I am no longer pregnant. So far the list is still limited with 'dropping at the Jamin' and 'Tenderloin'. But I suspect that more things will be added here.

Binge eating in the second and third trimester

It is known that many pregnant women suffer from binge eating in the second or third trimester. I am currently 23 weeks pregnant and have not had an extreme sense in certain things. In any case not as in the first trimester. Maybe because I have made my diet more fun or maybe it still has to come.

What the binges in pregnant women exactly come from does not know. It can be the hormones or a signal from your body to eat something your body needs at that moment. For example, sense of red meat would be a sign of iron deficiency, or sense of salt a sign that you should eat more salt. But that's all guessing. If you eat healthy and varied, you do not have shortages quickly. Then it is mainly the difficult task to not fill yourself up.

What were your pregnancy cravings?

What did you really like during pregnancy? I think that's really great to hear. My sister could not get enough of cheeseburgers with strawberry milkshake and a friend of mine clocked away liters of white custard. Did you have weird combinations? I am really curious. Whatever it was: do not be ashamed. I have a few very nice (or dirty) examples of combinations that pregnant women ate:

  • Ice cream with chips
  • French fries with milkshake
  • Raw sauerkraut
  • Sour mats (with whipped cream)
  • Cans of tomato paste
  • Spread cheese out of the jar
  • Eat raw lime
  • Chocolate milk with silver onion

Do you have something to add to the list of food cravings?