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Editor'S Choice - 2019

Deal with holidays

How to save time choosing a children's camp? In the Moscow market of offers, profile companies that organize children's leisure have long been formed. Some specialize in linguistic camps, others in active recreation programs, where they ski in the winter and in the summer in buggy. What programs should pay attention to? We have chosen those that stand out significantly from the rest.

Kid Club: for a small campaign like this

"Kid Club" creates programs that are suitable for children who feel comfortable in small groups. Programs take place in the Moscow region, Egypt, Bulgaria and even America. In addition to the standard, the company spends trimester holidays and holidays. A big plus of the Kid Club is that they accept very young children from three years old, and teenagers from sixteen to seventeen years old. Counselors are selected based on the fact that they will work in uneven age groups. This allows you to create the most trusting atmosphere. Large selection of thematic programs, such as the VIT Club Meeting (very important teenagers), Halloween celebration, New Year in Veliky Ustyug. In the children's camp they offer to play paintball, mafia, robotics, geocaching and much more.

(495) 749-01-99, 740-56-31.


Price: from 4 400.

"Carolina": only for girls

Infinite flash, fashion shows, clothes modeling, make-up lessons - everything that gives a little lady a real pleasure is presented in the program "Carolina". The first camp for girls only in Russia is located on the same territory as the Robin Hood program, and in the evening discotheques the gentlemen are caring for young princesses. Daily classes combine lessons in the school of good manners and a visit to the theater studio with master classes on stage speech. At the end of the shift, there is a show-show of children's fashion, where young "girls" will perform as models.

(495) 589-65-51, 589-64-93.


The cost of the permit: from 15 400.

"Robin Hood": balloon flights

Children who do not like to sit idle, "Robin Hood" will appeal. In this camp, students learn to shoot a bow and a crossbow, ride buggies and balloons, master the techniques of historical fencing with swords, attend master classes on the history of medieval bladed weapons, learn swords, shields, armor, clothes of war. The camp program includes water polo tournaments, the work of the music room, daily circles in painting and applied arts. The camp is designed for children from 7 to 14 years. The active program attracts not only boys, but also girls.

(495) 589-65-51, 589-64-93.


Cost of the permit: from 15 400.

EuroClub: learn languages

In this camp near Moscow, in addition to English, they also teach German, French and Spanish. The teachers are professional Language Link London school teachers and native speakers from Europe, USA and Canada who have experience working with children. The promise in a foreign language goes on constantly: children hear English during the day (with Russian translation) and take part in communication. In addition to linguistic classes, EuroClub pays a lot of attention to sports games and truly "camp" events with concerts, discos and themed evenings.

(495) 507-62-43, 617-60-10.


Price: from 16 000.

"Dersu Uzala": ecological tourism

Natalya Moraleva and Elena Ledovskikh, heads of the Ecotourism Development Fund "Dersu Uzala" in the late 1990s, worked at the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in the Far East. One of their activities included support for protected areas, reserves and national parks. The accumulated connections and experience have become key to creating your own company. Now adults and children go through Dersu Uzala to rest on routes that only recently were available only to scientists and some brave ones ... During the holidays, schoolchildren are offered trips to the Teberda Biosphere Reserve, an environmental practice at the Moscow State University Biological Station, a trip to Shumak sources in Sayan Mountains and much more. There are also programs for the weekend - for example, rope courses on the territory of natural parks in Moscow.

(495) 518-59-68


Voucher cost: from 300 rubles.

How to choose a suitcase for a trip to a children's camp?

  1. All things must fit in one suitcase. Discard bags and bags. As a rule, children forget this particular “extra” burden.
  2. Choose a bright suitcase - so you and the child can easily find it among someone else's luggage. If the suitcase is solid, you can limit yourself to a sticker or label attached to the handle.
  3. Bag on wheels - a great option that will help any child independently handle their luggage.
  4. The suitcase should fit easily in a closet or under the bed so as not to take up extra space in the room.

What to take with you?

  1. What would the weather not be, you need to take a warm jacket, spare jeans, shoes or other warm clothes. The weather in Moscow region is unpredictable.
  2. Approximate list of things: in addition to the obligatory headdress (hats, caps or bandanas, hats (for winter)), put jeans (comfortable trousers), windbreaker, warm jacket, shirt, shorts, tracksuit, T-shirts, swimming trunks (swimsuit) into the bag, cowards, T-shirts, socks, handkerchiefs, nightgowns or pajamas. In the offseason, you must have two pairs of outdoor shoes, a warm hat, gloves and a sweater. Regardless of the season, the child’s wardrobe should include: a tracksuit and appropriate shoes, removable underwear and several pairs of socks, jeans and a suit for festive events. Irreplaceable in the summer camp will be funds from mosquitoes and reppelent (especially if the camp program includes hiking in the forest and on the river), and, of course, sunblock cream.
  3. Try to have the child take an active part in collecting the bag and remember exactly what things you put to him, then bring them back. Ideally, parents write the initials of the child with a special felt-tip pen for textile on the wrong side of clothing. At the end of the shift, it will be easier to find "your" thing and not pick up someone else by mistake.
  4. Sometimes the caregiver does not even suspect that the child has clothes suitable for the weather, simply because she is in the category of unloved ones. Children "lose" hateful clothes in the camp. In order to avoid such situations, discuss in advance with your child what he should wear in cold and warm weather and decide together what clothes should be folded in a suitcase.

Secrets of parting

  1. The main rule for parents is to stop worrying unnecessarily, as your anxiety is immediately passed on to the child.
  2. Tell us about your experience with the camp. Focus on events that are emotionally meaningful to you.
  3. Let the child take his favorite things, toys on the road - this is a psychological defense that makes it easier to transfer the separation from his parents and home.
  4. Write a letter to the child for each day of his stay at the children's camp. Seal and transfer before leaving, asking to open at the end of each day. Try to make the text of each letter special.

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