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Wandering the Timokha Cat

A piece of sausage literally stuck in the throat of a Timokha cat when the hostess went into the kitchen. "I did not have time!" Flashed through his mind. "We must run!"

Valentina, indignant at such a cat's insolence, involuntarily scolded:

- Oh, you beast! Oh, you slander! - the hostess continued to grumble. - Everything! My patience has come to an end! Tomorrow I'll take you to the matchmaker in the city. She has long wanted to take you. Like her face your cat!

It was not very comfortable to go to the cat Timokha in the bag, and he published a complaint all the way: "Meow, meow ..." The neighbor traveler asked:

- What are you, you bring a cat to brood? Purebred or something?

- No, naughty - what a passion! Do not have time to turn away, immediately something from the table will pull off. So I decided to take to the city, to the matchmaker. Let him make fun of him. But no, I'll leave it in the city. Maybe someone shelters. On the face, he is beautiful. Big city - will find where to feed.

Valentina did not find the matchmaker at home. And let the cat out of the bag to freedom.

Sunshine blinded Timokha a little. A light frost tickled his nose. At first, the cat did not understand what happened to him and where he found himself. But after a while with dazed eyes he looked at the huge houses and thought: “Is this a dream?”.

Seeing the cardboard box, he hid in it. He, accustomed to quiet country life, was frightened by everything: the noise of cars, the creaking of snow under the feet of people passing by, and loud conversations.

The night was approaching and it was getting cold outside. Shivering with cold and fear, the cat got out of the box and began to make his way to the entrance of the house.

I had to sit at the door for a long time and publish a slightly audible "meow-meow." Suddenly, someone opened the door, and Timokha quickly slipped into the porch. It was warm there, and the cat, warmed near the battery, fell asleep.

What have I done!

Valentina, having fulfilled all the instructions of the villagers in purchasing in the city, returned home. In the hut she met an incomprehensible emptiness. There was something wrong in the house. Something was missing. And then she realized that she did not meet Timokha, did not stretch her paws forward, bending her back and reluctantly yawning. He does not ask with his cunning look: "Where have you been, mistress, and what tasty did you bring?"

- What have I done! she said aloud. “What devil did he push me to such a thing ?!” After all, winter outside! And I left him, the poor, in the lurch! Tomorrow I will go to the city with the first bus, find Timokha and bring it back, ”the woman firmly decided and went to bed.

She arrived at the bus station long before the departure of the first transport. On the bus, she plopped down on the seat and fell asleep under the monotonous murmur of the motor.

Arriving at the place where she left the cat, Valentine walked for a long time between the houses and called Timokha. Not finding him, I went to the matchmaker and told what I had done. Asked to take the cat to her, if she sees or hears about him, and inform her.

By evening, the woman returned home. It was still sad and lonely.

Memories flooded in silence. She remembered how Timka treated her sore spot. He massaged his paws, and then, purring, lay down on him and warmed him.

Happened, brought the caught mouse and showed what a glorious hunter he is. She, frightened by one type of this scene, swore: “I went outside, beast!”.

And once there was a very funny incident. Once, in the fall, Valentine to disinfect the cellar, she threw a special smoke bomb inside. Less than a minute later, Timokha flew out of the cellar, as if from a cellar, with crazy eyes, and on his back, clutching at the withers, sat a mouse. As soon as they were out in the fresh air, dumbfounded by a chemical attack, they fled in different directions. That was Hochma!

Cat's life in the doorway

Warmed, Timokha was asleep, sometimes wincing from dreams. Suddenly he was awakened by a gentle female voice:

- Hey, miracle, what are you doing here? Where did you come from? Home after the night party is not allowed? Well, oh well, sleep on. - And her heels loudly smacked down the stairs. But the cat no longer wanted to sleep.

By the evening Timokh overcame hunger, but it was scary to go out from his dark corner. He barely heard began to publish a mournful "my-ah, my-ah ...".

A passing girl noticed a cat and extended a hand to him, but her mother sternly told her:

“Don't touch the cat, maybe it's contagious,” and they went home.

Only when he heard the familiar sound of heels on the steps, the cat again issued a short, barely audible: "Meow ...".

“God, you're still here!” - Said the same woman who talked to him in the morning. “You're hungry, you poor thing?” Okay, I'll bring you something to eat now.

Potatoes with meat in a few seconds disappeared from the improvised plate. The woman tried to lure the cat to stroke, but he did not dare leave the shelter.

Feeding him and other good residents of the entrance. And everything would be fine, but he had to relieve himself, but he did not want to leave the entrance. Therefore, the toilet procedure had to be done on the first floor of the corridor, in the corner.

The first to notice this disgrace was the cleaning lady who swept the landing. She quickly determined where the cat was hiding, and with a broom she walked him outside.

Beautiful cat and fight for territory

November met Timokho frost. Running along the snow path to the next entrance, he hid near him. But no one opened the entrance door. Suddenly he saw a red cat hiding in a basement window, and followed him.

It was a warm basement. Smells said that his fellow tribesmen live here. Soon he found a suitable place, curled up and dozed off.

Woke him up a new inhabitant. It was a kitty, colorful beauty. She coquettishly twitched tail.

"Beautiful!" Thought Timokha.

Passing by, the cat purred amiably and, as if by accident, touched the tip of its tail with its muzzle.

"Well, okay, let's get acquainted," he replied politely to her. And together they went for a walk in the basement.

Then she took Timokha outside to the trash cans. His fellow tribesmen gathered near them. They also wanted to profit some food. Seeing a new competitor, the cats began to fuss anxiously. One of them, with a mutilated muzzle, apparently the owner of this area, unwelcomingly snarled and suddenly attacked Timka.

The fight was fierce. With sharp claws, they tore at each other the skin so that the wool flew in shreds in different directions. They published a roar of battle, arching their backs. It was difficult for Timokh in this battle for the right to the territory, but, having learned this, he slashed the enemy so that he tumbled off by a half meter and dredged into the bushes.

Timka, also pretty battered, but not defeated, breathed heavily to the side and lay down on the snow. A broken left ear and a wound above the right eyebrow - this was the result of his victory. Only the multicolored beauty walked importantly and purred as if nothing had happened.

After such a scuffle, Timokha was desperate to eat, and he, having licked a snowball, went back to the basement. Only at night, when the noise and the hubbub on the street subsided, he made his way to the trash cans and ate.

So, as a leader, he lived for two weeks. The spotted cat came to visit, and they were purring and caressing about something.

But the irresistible longing for his native home constantly haunted the cat. He dreamed of a small house, warm, cozy, in which he grew up. Dreamed of native sheds, attics and cellar, in them he felt himself the owner. Dreamed and hostess. She was kind, despite the fact that she scolded him sometimes. He would forgive her for leaving him in this strange, cold city. If only to go back home!


One night, after thrusting his muzzle from the basement onto a frosty street, Timka saw a bright star in the dark sky. He often saw her when he spent the night in the attic of his home. Now, with her radiance, she seemed to say: "Timka, go to your home, I will show you the way." Heart anxiously fluttered with excitement, and Timka pulled a star to meet. With short dashes from the entrance to the entrance, from house to house, he began to move toward his intended goal - home!

The weather was not very cold, and in the morning he went outside the city. A good gift beat the remains of boiled chicken left by the builders of the house-new buildings. Feeling full, the cat continued on its way. But the road was suddenly blocked by a pack of dogs.

Timokha was saved by a nearby tree, on which he soared to the very top. The teeth of a hefty dog ​​clattered a millimeter from the hind legs. The dogs spun around the tree for a while and ran off with a loud bark.

Timothy cautiously tears and continued his return home. It was necessary to overcome the field, covered with a white veil. On its outskirts, he stumbled upon a small piece of straw, burrowed into it and instantly fell asleep.

Awakened by the smell of mice. The cat was a good hunter, and, refilling, dozed off again.

He was awakened by a rustle that was getting closer and closer. Timokha was stunned, faced nose to nose with some moorish, red monster.

It was a fox. She also came to feed the mice. The cat smell also attracted her, but after receiving a series of strong blows with sharp claws on the nose, the redhead darted away from the stack. Sneezing and snorting, she stumbled into the shrub, not wanting to mess with an unknown enemy, entrenched in the straw.

Late in the evening he continued on his way. The star of hope called him forward, to his home.

At night, Timokha climbed onto the road. It was convenient to run along it, and by the morning he reached some village. There was a familiar smell from the courtyards, but not from my own home. And the cat continued to wade through the gardens.

Two more villages had to be overcome by him. In one of them, seeing a thin, exhausted cat, good people fed him. And in the other, at the store, when he finished eating a piece of patty that the boy had treated him, an evil peasant knocked out a tooth, knocking his foot in the face.

Very little was left to my home when a blizzard suddenly began. She hurt punched snowflakes in the nose, blinded eyes. And when the icy water covered him, Timka did not immediately realize that he had fallen into a wormwood. It was a small, but fast river that did not have time to freeze. Having somehow got out of it, the cat of the last strength, more and more turning into a continuous snowball, made a dash to the one who was seen ahead of his native home.

Here he was born

Valentina came to the city several times in search of a cat, but could not find him anywhere. And then, having calmed down a little, she brought home a little shaggy ball, which constantly meowed, stomped funny on the floor and could not get over the high threshold.

“Well, at least the memory of Timofey will be,” Valentina was talking to herself. - His after all offspring!

The blizzard ended at that moment when the exhausted Timka was lying on the threshold of his native home. Call the owner of the forces was no longer there, and he just wheezed quietly.

Valentina did not immediately recognize him when she went to the water outlet. It was a completely different looking cat: swollen paws covered with an ice crust, muzzle, disfigured beyond recognition; emaciated, he looked like an incomprehensible little animal.

The hostess carefully raised it and put it on a rug near the warm stove.

“Timka, Timosha, Timochka, poor thing, was found,” she lamented, putting a saucer with warm milk near the cat. - How did you get, dear?

A little warm, the cat reluctantly began to drink milk. The body ached painfully, but only one thing sounded in my head: "I got it! I did it, after all!"

At first, a small fluffy lump looked at the strange beast with surprised eyes and suddenly, having gathered courage, ran to the cup, poked its muzzle in milk and snorted. The adult cat sadly looked at the little miracle and, limping, walked away.

With great difficulty, Timofey got into the attic and lay down on his favorite place. Here he was born. From this very place, through a small hole in the roof, he often looked at the star, precisely at this one, which was now shining with different colors of light. She - this star - called him to return to his home, accompanied on the road and brought home.

She was talking to him now. Timka listened to her without blinking. Suddenly he took a deep breath, exhaled with a wheeze, as if saying goodbye to her, and froze.

Only the bright morning ray of the sun ran over the cat's cooled body, stopped for a second in his eyes, flashed, and disappeared.

Meanwhile, a small fluffy kitten happily ran around the room and slid across the floor with his paws. He hunted for someone with passion and hid from an invisible enemy. Life in the house of Valentina continued ...

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