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Menstrual cycle explanation: Week 1

In order to conceive, you and your partner must make love, everyone knows that. Because you are fertile only a few days a month, it is useful to know when that is so that you do not have to wait long for results unnecessarily. In these four articles about the menstrual cycle explanation you can read per week what happens in your body during your monthly period. This gives you more insight into how everything works and what your fertile days are. In another blog you can read how you can use it to determine your fertile period to get pregnant as quickly as possible.

Important to keep in mind is that in our example we assume a menstrual cycle of four weeks. The menstrual cycle therefore takes 28 days and the ovulation falls right in the middle. Research has shown, however, that not every woman has a 28-day cycle, and certainly not every woman has her ovulation on day 15 has. Read here how it is with a different cycle.

Menstrual cycle explanation: Week 1

This week is all about preparing your body for a new pregnancy. Your body is doing a big cleaning and you notice that; you are at a time. The menstrual cycle begins with breaking a bleeding. Sometimes this bleeding is preceded by one to a few days of brown discharge, but the menstrual cycle begins only at the first bright red blood! Knowing when the first day of menstruation is important in calculating your fertile period.

The length of the flow differs from woman to woman and takes an average of 5 to 7 days. During the flow, the outer part of the uterine lining is rejected and worked outwards. The cramps that you can feel are a consequence of this. After two days of flowing, the uterine lining begins to recover and around day 5 it is already about 5mm thick. Flowing is not the only thing that is going on in your body this week.

LSH hormone or luteinizing hormone

At least as important, if not more important, is the issue of it LSH hormone by the pituitary during this first week of the menstrual cycle. This LSH hormone ensures that the follicles grow. In the follicles egg cells can then develop and ripen until one has grown so large that it is released!

Read more about the menstrual cycle explanation in week 2 of the cycle: ovulation.